9 Fantastic Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home (Free Zoom Backgrounds!)

Written by: Yuvika Iyer

Published on: Apr 20, 2020

9 Fantastic Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home (Free Zoom Backgrounds!)

mothers day at home
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Mother’s Day is the most special occasion in your and your mom’s life.

On this day, we all love to be with our moms and make her feel special.

Sometimes we are unable to meet our moms due to unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances.

With the onset of COVID-19, Mother’s day in 2020 may also be celebrated virtually by a lot of people.

But you know what?

Social distancing means physical distancing and not emotional distancing.

Let me show you 10 fantastic ways you can celebrate mother’s day at home!

How to Celebrate A Fabulous Virtual Mother’s Day!

Celebrating Virtual Mother’s Day is far more special, personal, and easier than you can even imagine.

Let me share 9 fabulous ideas to celebrate Mother’s day at home:

Send her beautiful flowers

Who doesn’t like fresh and beautiful flowers?

Simple and adorable way to show your love and care.

A lovely bouquet of colorful flowers will bring a shining smile to your mom’s face.

Your mom is stuck at her home, far away from you.

These beautiful flowers will surely cheer ger up, lighten her mood, and brighten her day.

Have a Virtual Wine Tasting


Don’t be!

It’s a fun way of celebrating mother’s day and a day you will probably remember forever.

Schedule a mother’s day party on Zoom (it’s way better) for a virtual wine tasting session.

Before the party, get a wine bottle home delivered to her or make homemade wine with whatever you both have.

It will certainly be a relaxing time and you both can be chatty about it!

A little booze will up the tempo and leave you both in high spirit and loving notes.

Prepare to drink, party, and enjoy to your heart’s content.

Online Experiences with AirBnB

Since most of us are going through this difficult phase of the travel ban, Airbnb has started offering one-of-its-kind virtual experiences.

It’s a big shout out in favor of virtual Mother’s Day activities!

From cooking with a Moroccan family to learning how to make a cocktail, you can gift your mom the experience of her lifetime.

Awesome, isn’t it!

She can enjoy all these sitting on her couch and call you right away on Zoom to share her experience.

Gift her a printable planner

Emotion is a sentiment felt by your heart; physical or social distancing cannot snatch that away.

Even if you can’t physically meet your mom, you can send her your love, praises and gifts digitally.

Check out an array of printable planners, journals or e-books that you can gift her on this beautiful day.

Here’s a charming and beautiful Super Simple Meal Planner that can be a thoughtful gift for your mom!

super simple meal planner

Send Her Fav Songs Playlist

Does your mom have a Spotify account or another music subscription service?

Make a custom playlist with her favorite numbers, which she will enjoy being at home.

She can sing, dance, or do whatever her heart wants.

Remember those fun songs you both used to sing along.

It would be such a thoughtful way to celebrate!

Have a Virtual Paint Night

Do you love painting?

Have you made your mom proud with your artistic touch multiple times?

It’s time to relive those moments and celebrate a Virtual Mother’s Day paint Night.

Make video calls, grab a glass of your fav wine and canvases, and gift her a masterpiece.

Share stories and laugh together while you create beautiful work of art to gift her when everything gets back to normal.

If you and your mother are not naturally inclined to arts and painting with no art supplies at home, you can gift her all-in-one paint kit.

Who knows, this wonderful gift may open up a new interest or hobby in your mom!

Throw a Virtual Surprise Party

Have you ever heard of Virtual Video Party?

You will go crazy with all the funs and frolics you will have with your loved ones.

Why not surprise your mom by throwing a surprise virtual party on Zoom for Mother’s Day.

Remember, it requires meticulous planning and prior intimation to your family members and your mom’s besties.

Once everyone has assured of their presence, be ready for the electrifying virtual party.

Let everyone join the video chat on Zoom and then give your mom a pleasant surprise by calling her in.

She will be highly excited to see her loved ones who mean everything to her.

Let physical distancing not affect the emotional bonding – even if it’s virtual.

Gift Her a Spa Day

Want your mom to relax on this special day in her home-spa?

Gift her the items she needs to celebrate a special spa day at home.

Let her pamper herself on this Mother’s Day, and she might like it better than anything else you would have planned for.

Make her feel special and count your blessings as she is the greatest gift of your life.

Order Her Favorite Meal

Don’t get disheartened if you can’t take your mom out for lunch or dinner, instead get it delivered right on her dinner table.

Call your mom’s favorite restaurant and surprise her by ordering the meal, which will instantly lit up her mood.

Also, silently make a promise that next time you will take her to a mom-and-daughter lunch date.

Improvise, Innovate, and implement. If you bring out these three key concepts in your effort, your mom will have a memorable Mother’s Day experience.

From gifting her home-spa day ideas to virtual wine tastings, every idea can be magically amazing. The best part is that all these ideas can be done at home.

This year Mother’s Day may look a little different to you and your mom – just chill and go with the flow.

Wear a positive attitude and your thinking cap.

Create the best possible virtual way to e-spend your time with your mom.

Taking these steps to remove the physical distance is sure to make both of you smile ear-to-ear, even if you are physically 1000 miles away.

What’s your plan on Mother’s Day?

Let me know your best mother’s day virtual celebration ideas in the comments section below.

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