11 Fantastic Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day at Home

Written by: Yuvika Iyer

Published on: Jun 01, 2020

11 Fantastic Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day at Home

fathers day at home
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Locked down in your home and maintaining social distancing?

Even if you accept this “new normal” of your life, you can still make your father feel super special this ‘Father’s Day’!

Read on to know how to have a fantastic father’s day this year!

We usually take our Fathers to his favorite restaurant or for other fun outings to celebrate this special occasion.

However, this year we will have to readjust our plans.

Between global quarantine and social distancing due to ongoing COVID-19 scare, Father’s Day will surely look a little different this year.

Well, let’s not lose heart.

Apart from sweet greetings cards and gifts, you can still make June 21st memorable not only for your dad but for the entire family.

In this blog, we have curated some smart Father’s Day celebration ideas to quash your sadness and lift your spirit. These include outdoor activities (both in-person and virtual), homebound brunch and movie suggestions.

Even if you are stuck up in this home quarantine or social distancing fiasco, our tips will make your Father’s Day at home special and memorable.

How to Celebrate Father’s Day at Home

Lounge In       

Let you daddy spend this special day the way he wants. He can sport his luxurious robe or casual khakis. But, we feel, there is a unique joy and comfort in wearing loungewear all day.

Whip up a Delicious Brunch

You may want to whip up some waffles or eggs or order from your dad’s fav restaurant. Bringing your loved ones together over food is perhaps the best way to strengthen their bonding.

Want to make it a little more special?

Pair the meal with some delicious brunch cocktails and let everyone pour their heart out in joy.

Enjoy a Bike Ride

It’s an exhilarating and excellent way to enjoy your day with your dad.

Riding bikes on a serene neighborhood biking trail while maintaining the social distancing norm can lift your spirit.

You and your father will get much-needed exercise and welcome the approaching summer. Sounds exciting?

Why don’t you give it a try and make your dad relive his youth?

Indoor Games Day

Light up your dad’s day by challenging him in friendly indoor game competition.

Get other close family members involved as well and play some fun games.

Whether you like a board game, charades, or even a puzzle, this quarantine-friendly, homebound activity will make everyone smile and enjoy.

Throw a Virtual Father’s Day Party

Don’t get disheartened if you can’t meet your dad in this crisis time.

Grab your favorite Father’s Day-themed Zoom Virtual Backgrounds and surprise him!

Invite your loved ones to join this virtual Father’s Day celebration.

Make it the most memorable Father’s Day forever, even when you both are a thousand miles away!

Virtual Travel Tour

See the jaw-dropping beauty of National parks, mountains, swim in the coral reef with exotic fishes, without moving an inch from your living room.

In this trying time of Coronavirus pandemic, give your dad and your self a visual and virtual treat worth to remember.

From the comfort of your couch, travel anywhere in the world with your dad.

Take him everywhere wherever his heart desires.

Gift him an Online Class

Learn a new skill on this Father’s Day.

In these wonderful virtual lessons from experts, the entire family can learn the making of French pasty from Dominique Ansel, comedy from Steve Martin, or tennis from Serena Williams.

Gift your father with one of these priceless subscriptions or send him some cool YouTube tutorials pretty much on anything.

Teach your favorite man a new skill and let him enjoy every bit of it.

Binge Watch Games

Live actions from your favorite sports icons may be stalled for now, but you will get plenty of old videos to watch them play.

Help your dad relive those never-to-forget sports moments by gifting him some of those video clips.

MLB has opened up the exclusive footages of 2018 and 2019, and the NFL is offering complimentary games pass through July 31st.

You can even subscribe to the NHL and NBA online services to watch some unforgettable matches.

Shower him with all these subscriptions and make every moment of this home-quarantine Father’s Day special.

Organize a Wine Tasting

Bring the French countryside or Napa Valley to the cellar of your home by organizing the wine tasting session for your dad.

Let him sing his favorite Bonjovi or Bohemian Rhapsody song while sipping the exquisite wines.

If you want your dad to cheer with glasses of beer, switch from vino to ale.

Summer = Barbeque

Summer is incomplete with those finger-licking barbecues.

If your dad loves to grill barbecue entrees, gift him the best-selling barbecue focussed cookbook.

Let him try his hands in creating some grilled masterpieces.

If your father is not a barbecue person, stick to the all-time favorite hot dogs and hamburgers and celebrate this Father’s Day with a gala dinner.

Cozy Movie Night

Give your Father’s Day a great finish with a themed movie.

You will have a host of options to choose ranging from Field of Dreams to Father of the Bride. Want to make it even more special?

Surprise your father with a backyard movie night.

Set up a screen and a projector in your backyard and treat your father with his favorite movie.

Whether you are celebrating Father’s Day 2020 from the comfy of your couch or outdoors, you are sure to have a lovely and enjoyable evening with your father – just don’t forget your popcorn bowl.

And if you are unable to meet your father this year, grab the awesome Father’s Day themed Zoom backgrounds for a virtual Father’s Day party and surprise him!

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