15 Easy Plants for Kids to Grow (That Helps them Breathe Better!)

Written by: Yuvika Iyer

Published on: Jul 30, 2020

15 Easy Plants for Kids to Grow (That Helps them Breathe Better!)

easy plants for kids to grow
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Last Updated on August 5, 2020 by Yuvika Iyer

Struggling to find natural ways to help your kids breathe more easily?

Try out green time.

Get easy plants for kids to grow!

It will help bring in fresh oxygen into your home and help them breathe better.

The best part?

It’s all 100% natural as plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen.

Since they will be spending time gardening, it will also cherish their bond with nature!

How to Setup Easy Plants for Kids to Grow?

Make your kids more curious by giving them small and achievable tasks like sowing seeds, water the seeds every day, monitor the progress on seed germination, etc.

Establishing connect between your tiny tots and nature will grow their interest.

Once they complete the first set of tasks, give them more interesting goals to achieve like growing flowers that attract colorful butterflies and bring beautiful hummingbirds in your garden.

Remember, the more they play with mother nature, breathe fresh air, soak in the morning sunshine, and get their hands dirty in mixing soils, the clearer will be their mind.

Green Thumb is the greatest inheritance you can give your child, which will nourish their entire life.

Talk to your kids, understand their interests, and then pick the right plants for them.

Do you see a future chef in your kid?

Help them learn and try to grow cherry tomatoes, strawberries, herbs, snap peas, and other microgreens.

Does your child show have affinity in art and color?

Teach them planting vibrant and colorful flowers like sunflowers, marigolds, daisies, chrysanthemums, and other perennial and annual blooms.

Teach your kids how to maintain diaries or journals and write what worked and what didn’t.

You can make it more exciting for your kids by giving them growth, flowering, and fruit targets for the plants and document the progress in their personal garden journals.

Everyone learns from their mistakes, so will they, but the experience should be enriching.

Remember to make the entire experience fun for them!

Alrighty, let’s get down to knowing the top 15 easy plants for kids to grow in your home!

Top 15 Easy Plants for Kids to Grow                                 

To help you get ahead with this journey, we have identified and curated 15 easy-to-grow and care plants for your kids.

Growing these plants will be super-safe for your little gardeners.

Get ready to welcome fresh air into your home and help your little ones breathe better naturally!

So, get, set, and grow.


Growing some succulent varieties will be a cakewalk for your kids.

With regular monitoring and perseverance, they can raise hundreds of multi-colored and gorgeous succulents of different sizes and shapes.

These plants are drought-tolerant and mostly sun-loving once established in the pot. Some of them are cold-hardy and do exceptionally well in North American or European weather.

Your kids can grow some varieties indoors near a sunny windowsill.

We recommend:

Burro’s Tail

Lemon Coral Sedum

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Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum stands out for its beautiful, lacy look and sweet aroma that can mesmerize your senses instantly.

Pollinators love to grow this variety.

Love hanging baskets in your home?

Sweet Alyssum will be a perfect addition for it!

It’s an easy-to-grow and hardy annual plant that looks amazing while trailing from hanging baskets and window boxes.

Sweet Alyssum is light frost-hardy and can survive for a long time in your garden.

We recommend:

Royal Carpet

Carpet of Snow

Check out Kid-friendly plants on Cratejoy!


These bright, sunny-faced, and bright flowers share a platonic relationship with Sun.

They are available in varying sizes starting from 1 ft to 15 ft. Your little munchkin can easily plant the seeds in your backyard garden or pots in the terrace.

Make them sunbathe after the last frost season.

Most of the sunflower seeds are edible and come with plenty of health benefits.

You can teach your kids about the potential health benefits of sunflower seeds and encourage them to grow.

Enjoying the entire activity by helping your kids and feed some seeds to the birds.

Embrace nature in every possible way and feel the difference.

We recommend:

Fire Catcher



Mint is fast-growing, got great fragrance and excellent health benefits.

Your kids will love to grow them and enjoy its dense foliage and bright green leaves.

Smaller balcony?

Mint will be perfect for you!

It can be grown anywhere, from your backyard to sunny windowsill to outdoor containers in a patio garden.

If you blend mint with freshly brewed tea, its flavor increases exponentially. Mint instantly kicks up the freshness in delicious foods and desserts.

We recommend:

Chocolate Mint



Your kids will love the gorgeous blooms and beautiful blue-green leaves of Nasturtium.

It’s super easy to grow in mound forms or as climbers.

Nasturtium comes in wide color ranges from red to coral to peach and keep blooming until frost.

Well, the safest and best feature of Nasturtium is that it produces edible leaves and flowers.

Your kids will love them tossed on their lip-smacking no-bake desserts and refreshing summer salads.

We recommend:

Peach Melba

Baby Rose


Who doesn’t love to munch on fresh strawberries?

Your kids will love plucking the bright pink and fresh berries off the plant and savoring them with cream.

Hybrid and newly invented strawberry varieties are pretty and compact.

These plants will bear fruits all season long and flourish in hanging baskets and containers.

You can grow strawberry plants from seed but takes lots of time to germinate.

We recommend:

Berried Treasure


Sweet Potato Vine

The sweet potato vine is a beautiful ornamental plant to be grown in window boxes and containers.

Your kids will love the bright and colorful leaves and can grow these perennials as climbers or trailing vines.

Do you know that ornamental sweet potato vines are an outcome of super exciting and fun science projects?

Your kids will love to experiment with these easy-to-grow plants.

You can grow a vine from cuttings or whole sweet potato.

You can teach your kids to take a whole sweet potato, plant its pointy side down and make tiny holes in the middle by poking with four toothpicks.

Then you keep the potato on the edge of clear glass, preferably a mason jar. Get the glass filled with water to cover the bottom part of sweet potato.

Check out Kid-Friendly Plants on Cratejoy!

You will see a new single root forming after 7 to 10 days in the water and sprouts on the top.

Once you see that your sweet potato picked up growth it’s time to transfer it to a pot or plant it underneath the ground.

Alternatively, you can teach your little ones to propagate Sweet Potato Vine from cutting.

You can cut a stem just above the node and plant it in water or moist soil, and after some days, new roots will develop.

Once you spot tiny roots, transfer the cutting in a container.

We recommend:

Sweet Caroline Bewitched After Midnight

Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Lime

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Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush is a hardy and easy-to-grow plant that attracts plenty of hummingbirds and butterflies during summer.

This bushy perennial produces spiky, long flowers in vibrant shades of pink, white, red, or purple.

Butterfly Bush loves to be soaked in full Sun and is found in different sizes, can grow from 2 to 5 feet.

Before buying, carefully read the plant label and provide ample space to grow.

We recommend:

Pugster Blue


Cherry Tomato

Cherry tomatoes are the hybrid and miniatured version of long-vine tomatoes.

These cute little tomatoes are bred to be tidy and compact and ideal for growing in containers.

Plant different types of cherry tomatoes, and your little ones will enjoy vibrant shades of colors at the time of harvesting.

We recommend:

Yellow Pear

Hybrid variety of Sweetheart of the Patio

Check out Kid-friendly plants on Cratejoy!

Elephant Ears

You kids will love the large leaves that are bigger than their heads.

The size of the gorgeous elephant ear plants will amaze them. The fact that Elephant Ear leaves are heart-shaped is an added attraction for your kids.

Your kids can enjoy this natural and jungle-like beauty year after year and see them grow from a tiny tot to a huge plant.

Your elephant ear plant may not be frost-hardy, so its better to take out the bulb before winter and store it in a safe place.

You can replant the bulb again once the winter is over, and in no time, fresh roots and leaves will start sprouting.

We recommend:


Fordhook Giant


There is hardly any flower more gorgeous than a daisy.

With its crisp and milky white petal and bright yellow center, a daisy will surely brighten your day.

Daisy is an easy-to-grow perennial with the right amount of sunlight and water.

Teach your kids to prune old flowers and give a neat look to the plants and attract new blooms.

We recommend:

Crazy Daisy Shasta

Snow Lady Shasta

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Have a lot of space or a large garden?

Choose pumpkins to grow!

Pumpkins are fast-growing vines that can stretch around 20 feet and need a lot of space to grow in your garden.

Scientists and experienced hobbyists are coming up with compact and newer varieties these days.

Even if they are smaller, they still need over 6 square feet to grow to its full potential.

Your kids will find it an enjoyable experience to grow pumpkin vines as they come in different shades and sizes, from bright orange to the lightest white.

It’s one of the most versatile plants.

You can teach your kids to use them for scary and funny Halloween decoration, roasting the seeds, savoring mouth-watering pumpkin delicacies, and turning their wildest imaginations into easy pumpkin-carving models.

We recommend:


Kandy Korn Plus Hybrid

Lamb’s Ear

Lamb’s Ear is one of the toughest and best perennials to grow in your garden.

It has got such an adorable name from its silver, velvety foliage and spiky flowers resembling lamb’s ears.

It’s drought-tolerant and not particularly fussy about planting in poor soil.

Your kids will simply adore the unique leaf texture and shape of this plant.

We recommend:

Big Ears

Cotton Boll


More than half of the households worldwide have marigolds in their garden.

These sturdy annuals carry the legacy from one generation to another.

Marigolds are widely grown for the drought and heat tolerance capacity and built-in insect repelling properties.

Their bright yellow and orange colors make them all-time favorites across all ages.

Kids love bright colors, and Marigolds become an instant hit with them.

Note: Always remember to save the heads of dried Marigolds to get seeds for next year.

We recommend:

Yellow Hybrids

Queen Sophia

Pole Bean

Growing Pole Beans is a no-brainer and as easy for kids as with adults.

Let your kids pick more beans in excitement, and your plants will produce more.

Pole Bean plant thrives in full sun, so plant the seeds in moist soil and keep them in a sunny spot.

Some varieties like Scarlet Runner or Heirloom attracts hummingbirds as well.

We recommend:

Scarlet Runner


Enjoy Growing Easy Plants for Kids to Grow

Whether you are the owner of a lush green land or have a cute patio or a tiny backyard, all of these can be the stepping stones for improving your child’s breathing capacity.

You play a pivotal role as a parent in nurturing your kid’s interest in gardening.

Start with a few colorful containers to grow low-maintenance flowering plants and other perennials.

You can multiply most of the plants by pruning and propagating and enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful blooms, vibrant foliage and colorful fruits all year round.

These beautiful plants not only add life to your home but give plenty of fresh air to breathe.

Welcoming indoor plants into your home is a proven way to increase fresh oxygen flow in your home while reducing the level of toxic indoor gases.

Making your children partners in this journey and see them go wild with joy caring for their own plants!

Check out Kid-friendly plants on Cratejoy!

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