20 Best Smelling Essential Oils You Need to Know

Written by: Yuvika Iyer

Published on: Jun 15, 2020

20 Best Smelling Essential Oils You Need to Know

best smelling essential oils
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Looking for the best smelling essential oils for your home?

Since essential oils are derived from different parts of a plant, not all of them are created equal.

They have different scents and aroma that suits different purposes.

In this blog, I will share the 20 best smelling essential oils that are perfect for using around the home or in your essential oil diy recipes!

What are the Best Smelling Essential Oils?

So, what are essential oils?

Essential oils are extracts derived from different parts of a plant.

Some of these nature’s gifts have been around for millennia and are plant-based natural extracts.

They are widely used to fill your home with sweet aromas, heal the body and mind with their potent curative properties and calming effects.

If the essential oils are combined with carrier oils in the right ratio, they become highly beneficial for your hair and skin.

Alternatively, you can use them in an essential oil diffuser to purify your indoor air at home.

Wondering how to introduce essential oils to your daily life but unsure where and how to start?

In this detailed blog, we will share the best smelling essential oils and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Types of Best Smelling Essential Oils

There are 3 kinds of essential oils. They are:

Cooling essential oils

Calming essential oils

Revitalizing essential oils

20 Best Smelling Essential oils


Lavender is an all-time favorite for its sweet aroma and extensive benefits.

It helps you relax and flex your nerves by spreading floral scent in the air.

If you slowly breathe it, it can help in eliminating your headache by rejuvenating your brain muscles.

Using it topically will slowly heal your itchy skin and swelling from insect or bug bites.

Safety: Lavender oil has a few side effects, including headache, nausea, vomiting, and chills.

It can even cause skin irritation if you topically use it or have an allergy or intolerance.

It’s advisable to use the oils as per the recommended dilution ratios.

Check lavender essential oils on Amazon.


Inhaling the sweet, floral, and enchanting aroma of rose oil helps you to be relieved from stress.

The built-in antioxidant properties are known to improve complexion and treat acne as well.

Regular use of rose oil with the recommended dosage makes your skin glowing, wrinkle-free, and younger.

Safety: If your skin is very sensitive, do a patch test to see if rose oil suits you as applying it topically can cause itchiness or irritation on your skin.

We recommend you to increase the percentage of the carrier oil if you want to experience the maximum benefits of rose oil.

Check rose essential oils on Amazon.

Roman chamomile

Roman chamomile is an amazing combination of herbal and light floral scent.

It has been scientifically proven that this oil can calm your mind when inhaled through steam and diffused.

Roman chamomile is also equally effective on your skin if applied topically. Alternative medicine practitioners use it to treat conditions such as eczema, inflammation, and other skin infections.

Safety: If you are allergic to marigolds, ragweed, and daisies, it’s advisable to stay away from Roman chamomile.

Check roman chamomile essential oils on Amazon.


This herbal essential oil with earthy and sweet-fragrance can be topically applied to your skin to reduce redness, scars, inflammation, and other chronic skin conditions.

It acts as a great healing agent by nourishing your inner skin cells.

Safety: If you have a history of seizures or are pregnant, refrain from using hyssop.

Check hyssop essential oils on Amazon.

Ylang Ylang

I love using this essential oil in all my skincare diy recipes!

Ylang Ylang has an exciting eclectic mix of the sweet, spicy, and flowery aroma that makes it very unique.

This best smelling essential oil is widely used to relax your mood, soothe your nerve, and build your self-esteem.

Read More: How to Use Essential Oils to Purify Your Home

You can use Ylang Ylang to repel mosquito and other insects.

Many popular organic cosmetics brands commonly use this sweet fragrance oil in making their products.

It has got a huge number of beauty benefits, which include promoting your hair growth and treatment of certain skin ailments.

Check Ylang Ylang essential oils on Amazon.


Myrrh smells sappy and is used to treat different skin issues by healing cracked skin and curing acne.

It can even help in treating athlete’s foot as well.

Safety: We recommend you not to take Myrrh orally.

Topically applying it to your skin may cause dermatitis.

Some other serious side effects of Myrrh are irregular heartbeats and lower blood pressure.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying for a baby, avoid this oil completely.

Check myrrh essential oils on Amazon.


Do you love a smoky aroma?

If yes, you will fall in love with Vetiver‘s distinct smell that makes it one of the best smelling essential oils ever!

It comes with an interesting concoction of a sugary and smoky fragrance.

Its mesmerizing scent can instantly lift your mood, soothe your nerves, and used in different other applications of tranquil aromatherapy.

Its built-in antioxidant properties rejuvenate your skin cells, heal scars, and other skin conditions.

Safety: Being non-sensitizing and non-irritating on your skin, Vetiver is a perfect topical choice for people who can become allergic to other essential oils.

Check vetiver essential oils on Amazon.


Want to go on a staycation?

Just diffuse Frankincense in a diffuser and go on an instant holiday!

Its refreshing fragrance is relaxing to your brain and nervous system.

It also packs a punch with built-in digestive, antiseptic, disinfectant, and astringent properties.

Frankincense improves your oral health by preventing cavities, bad breath, mouth soars, and toothaches.

If you topically apply Frankincense by following the manufacturer’s instructions, it will boost your skin health.

Safety: If your skin is highly sensitive and easily triggers an allergic reaction, you should use it sparingly and with caution. Other than a little skin sensitivity, Frankincense doesn’t have any major side effects.

Check frankincense essential oils on Amazon.


Grapefruit oil is essentially a citrus fruit extract.

It’s peeled from citrus and carries a fresh and bitter scent.

If you have a diffuser at home, it’s perfect to use in that.

The built-in antifungal properties of grapefruit reduce the toxic organisms and make the healing process faster.

Safety: Like lemon oil, when you topically apply grapefruit oil on your skin, avoid stepping out in the sun.

Check grapefruit essential oils on Amazon.


Cedarwood has a distinct woody and earthy smell and is typically used for different beauty treatments.

It has been scientifically proven that cedarwood rejuvenates your skin cells, treat eczema, fight acne, and reduce dandruff.

It has been known to manage and reduce the symptoms of arthritis and relieve cough and cold.

Safety: However, we don’t recommend you to ingest cedarwood. It should either be diffused or applied topically for maximum benefits.

If cedarwood is accidentally consumed, it can cause excessive thirst, nausea, vomiting, and significant damage to your digestive tract.

Check cedarwood essential oils on Amazon.


Did you know that Peppermint oil is great for busting headaches and stress? There is a lot of scientific evidence to indicate this wonderful quality of this awesome oil.

If you topically apply peppermint on your skin, you will instantly feel a soothing effect on your nerve.

It can relieve you from muscle pain and help you sustain longer in strenuous exercises.

Peppermint oil gives you sunburn relief and cures itchy skin conditions triggered by insect bites or poison ivy.

Safety: You should never swallow peppermint essential oil as it can have severe side effects such as persistent headaches, heartburn, mouth sores, and an irritated esophagus.

So, if you feel like having minty breath, it’s better to chew mint leaves than drinking peppermint oil.

Check peppermint essential oils on Amazon.


Spearmint is the soul sister of peppermint and has similar benefits and aroma.

So, it’s a great alternative to peppermint.

Spearmint has a slightly sweeter aroma than peppermint and commonly used to treat bacterial infections owing to its strong antifungal properties.

It also carries the same cooling and refreshing effect, like peppermint, when used topically.

It’s equally effective in shooing off unwanted insects and relieving you from painful bug bites.

Safety: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a certified health professional or your doctor before applying spearmint oil.

Check spearmint essential oils on Amazon.


The basil essential oil has several internal and topical benefits.

It has excellent anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.

Basil oil can do wonders in curing a cold and flu and relaxing your muscle.

It’s highly effective treating acne, and many scientific studies have found it to be a useful stress buster as well.

You can topically apply basil oil on your hair to remove build-up and make it shinier.

Safety: If you have just given birth to a newborn, breastfeeding or pregnant, consult your physician before applying basil oil.

Check basil essential oils on Amazon.

Melaleuca/ Tea Tree

Melaleuca is commonly known as tea tree oil and pretty easy to identify from its medicinal aroma.

It’s used to treat inflammation and bacterial infection due to its strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Tea tree oil is highly effective in treating hypersensitivity as well.

Melaleuca oil is known to reduce allergic reaction to nickel, treat eczema and staph infections, and cure bug bites.

Safety: We strongly recommend you to use tea tree oil topically or inhale but never swallow it.

If ingested accidentally, it can cause dizziness, digestive tract infection, and hives.

Tea tree oil comes in mild to strong scents. If it’s raw and pure, remember to dilute to ward off its side effects.

If you have an intolerance to essential oils, it’s better to avoid using melaleuca.

Check melaleuca or tea tree oils on Amazon.


Lemon oil is filled with a citrusy aroma and packed with antioxidants that help you in fighting anemia and reducing inflammation.

It’s equally effective in relieving nausea and pumping up your energy level.

Safety: You can directly apply lemon oil on your skin and nourish its inner cells.

It’s advisable to use lemon oil at night as it’s highly photosensitive.

You can keep it overnight to get the maximum benefits and clean it in the morning.

Remember not to go out in sunlight after applying lemon oil topically as it may cause skin burn.

Check lemon essential oils on Amazon.


I like using this best smelling essential oils that has a funny tongue twisting name!

Arborvitae is lesser-known compared to other essential oil varieties.

It carries a woody scent and is highly effective in reducing stress. You can use it as a bug repellent as well.

The USP of Arborvitae is its uncanny ability to promote healthy and super-glowing skin.

Safety: If you accidentally inhale arborvitae too much, it can turn out to be a potential irritant to your lungs and respiratory tract.

We recommend against oral consumption of arborvitae as it’s known to be highly toxic. Also store it away from the reach of pets or little children.

Check arborvitae essential oils on Amazon.


Orange oil is a reservoir of Vitamin-C and packed with plenty of skincare benefits when applied topically.

This oil is commonly used as a key ingredient in most of the beauty products and promises to nourish your skin and make it smoother and brighter.

Orange oil has multiple health benefits, as found in different scientific studies.

It may relieve you from muscle pain and anxiety if applied as per manufacturer’s guidelines.

Safety: This invigorating citrus oil has its share of drawbacks.

You should use it only after diluting well as per manufacturer’s guideline.

We recommend you against applying it topically on your skin as it may cause swelling, redness, and irritation.

Never go out in direct sunlight right after you use orange oil.

Check orange essential oils on Amazon.


Helichrysum oil smells like a subtle concoction of hay and honey – is loaded with antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties.

Regular application of this essential oil helps promote your external and internal health.

Topical use of helichrysum oil on your skin can help to treat acne, psoriasis, and athletes’ foot.

Safety: It’s considered safe for topical or direct application on your skin with zero to little allergic reactions.

If you have skin sensitivity or are allergic to other essential oils, helichrysum should fit your bill.

Check helichrysum essential oils on Amazon.


Cassia oil is extracted from the Cinnamomum cassia plant.

It contains a spicy and warm fragrance similar to cinnamon, a little bit on the sweeter side.

Unlike other minty oils that can cool your body, cassia oil is used to warm your body.

It’s highly effective in the winter months to soothe your nerve and give you a sense of serenity.

Safety: However, pregnant ladies or breastfeeding mommies should stay away from cassia oil.

Check cassia essential oils on Amazon.


Oregano oil is famous for its ultra-spicy flavor.

It has strong antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties, which is used to treat psoriasis, warts, and bacterial infections. 

Another study revealed that Oregano oil is full of antioxidant properties, which is medically used to treat respiratory conditions and fevers.

Alternative medicine practitioners use oregano oil as a herbal medicine for treating different health issues.

You can derive its maximum benefits by topically applying on your skin or using it for aromatherapy.

Safety: If you are breastfeeding or pregnant, we recommend you to check with your physician to avoid any potential side effects of oregano oil.

Check oregano essential oils on Amazon.

Safety Tips for Using Best Smelling Essential Oils

You should remember some basic points before integrating essential oils in your daily life:

  • To safeguard your skin from topical application of essential oils, we recommend you to blend with a carrier oil.
  • Some of these are jojoba or coconut oil and typically used to dilute essential oils in the recommended ratio to prevent any side effects.
  • Check the right essential oil to carrier oil dilution ratios with this calculator.
  • You should do a patch test before applying essential oils to the larger skin areas.
  • Many essential oils have high toxicity and should never be ingested unless prescribed by a certified healthcare professional.
  • Always go for unadulterated essential oils, which are free of toxic chemicals. Stay away from the synthetic perfume oils and other knock-off versions with zero health benefits.
  • If you have pets or small children in the house, store your essential oils away from their naughty paws and hands!

Check essential oils on Amazon.

Check jojoba carrier oils on Amazon.

Check coconut carrier oils on Amazon.

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