How to Correctly Place Feng Shui Plants In Your Home

Written by: Yuvika Iyer

Published on: Feb 25, 2020

How to Correctly Place Feng Shui Plants In Your Home

feng shui plants
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Want to invite an abundance of positive energy into your home?

Learn how to place feng shui plants correctly in your home to attract positive energy.

Inviting indoor plants is one of the easiest and natural ways to add splendor to your home or office décor.

Indoor plants act as powerful air purifying agents by removing toxins and pumping in more oxygen.

Feng shui principles recommend keeping houseplants to harness Chi and elevate your energy level.

But you know what?

Not every plant is suitable for your home as per Feng Shui.

Here is an easy to follow guide to place Feng Shui plants in your home and the ones you should avoid.

Indoor Plants and Feng Shui

Adding greenery in your home décor attracts the important “wood” element of feng shui.

Houseplants channelize positive energy using this core feng shui element.

The later signifies growth, inspires positive action into your indoor space, adds kindness and compassion in your life, and flexes your mind.

Plants with green colored leaves are associated with healing by thwarting negative energy from your home.

Feng shui doesn’t label houseplants as good or bad. Its principles focus on establishing the correlation between dualities.

After in-depth research and guidance from feng shui masters, we have curated the list of plants ideal for feng shui applications and the ones not suitable for harnessing Chi.

Top 6 Indoor Plants Recommended by Feng Shui

Feng shui placed great importance on your plants’ care.

Your plants will respond to your love and care by attracting positive and protective energy around you.

Typically, Feng Shui plants should have rounded and soft leaves.

Softly rounded leaves work best in fulfilling key feng shui energy metrics.

Here are the top Feng Shui plants which you can place in your home.

Boston Fern

You can keep Boston fern in a hanging pot facing an east window for enough light.

It’s easy to care and doesn’t get fussy about low maintenance.

The petite ones elevate the style statement of your small flat.

Check boston ferns on Amazon.

Areca Palm

Areca palm is one of the top choices for air-purification and feng shui.

It can grow taller than many other plants and strikes attention with beautiful, fan-like leaves.

This highly tolerant houseplant needs bright, indirect light to thrive. The fan-like leaves ward off negativity around your home.

Check areca palms on Amazon.



Did you know that the snake plant is also known as the Mother-in-Law’s Tongue?

Snake plant got this funny name due to its forky and razor-sharp edges.

It may appear sharp but bring in protective energy by harnessing them around you.

Keeping snake plants in your home shoo away an evil effect or negative influences.

Check snake plants on Amazon.


Jade is popularly known as the money plant.

The beautiful Jade is a succulent that often forms topiary with its rounded leaves.

The lush green appearance of your jade plants is perfect to attract wealth and prosperity as per feng shui.

Check jade plants on Amazon.

Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo represents stability, adaptability, and growth.

The specific number of bamboo stalks holds different symbolic meanings as per the feng shui principle.

For example, 2 stalks are supposed to boost your love life, and 3 stalks are associated with increased happiness.

Check lucky bamboo plants on Amazon.

Golden Pothos

The golden pothos is loved for its glossy and beautiful leaves.

You can multiply this easy-to-care plant with simple propagation techniques.

It cascades trailing, lush vines with golden heart-shaped leaves to add to its glory.

The Golden Pothos is said to bring good luck as per feng shui and excellent at purifying indoor air.

Check golden pothos on Amazon.

Indoor Plants Not Recommended by Feng Shui

In feng shui, ‘Sha Qi’ is opposite to Qi, the positive energy.

Sha qi signifies sharp or negative energy.

Sha qi radiates from sharp objects.

It drains out your personal energy by attacking your energy core.

Therefore, we recommend you to avoid spiky or pointy plants like Cactus to preserve and promote positive energy.

As per Feng Shui, you should not neglect your plants as well.

An abandoned and dying plant can drain out your positive energy.

Giving the right environment to your plants is essential for their growth.

Keep them healthy by meeting their light and watering requirements and bestowing your love and care upon them.

If you spot a dying plant, remove it immediately.

Feng shui prefers live plants over fake ones to promote positive feng shui energy.

If you are not a live-plant person, go for high-quality artificial plants to receive feng shui benefits.

They should look realistic and identical to the live plant that you have to touch to confirm they are not real.

Indoor Plants and the Feng Shui Bagua

Locate specific Bagua in your home, find suitable plants for respective Bagua, and position them for optimum benefits.

The Bagua represents the energy map of your indoor space.

Each Bagua or area is closely connected to one of your important life aspects.

Here is a short overview of all the Bagua and how a houseplant can harness positive energy in that area.

Family (Zhen)

Adding houseplants in this Bagua support your family life by making it peaceful.

If you feel stuck anytime, feng shui plants lift your obstacles by sparking an aura of positive energy around you.

Wealth (Xun)

A feng shui recommended plant can attract more wealth, prosperity, and make your money-luck smile.

Health (Tai Qi)

If you are not keeping well or having health issues, place a feng shui houseplant in the center of your home.

It starts the healing process by radiating positive energy in all your life aspects.

Helpful People (Qian)

Sometimes you may find it difficult to seek and get help.

Placing a feng shui plant in your helpful people Bagua will activate positive energies to get support whenever you need it most.

Children (Dui)

Putting a plant in the children Bagua inspires the growth of your offspring or personal projects.

If you tend to procrastinate things, having a plant can make you more organized.

Knowledge (Gen)

Adding houseplants in knowledge Bagua can promote tremendous growth in self-sustenance, self-nurturing, and self-knowledge.

Fame and Reputation (Li)

Struggling to organize your important assignments?

The wood element of a houseplant can spark the fire in your ‘Fame and Repute’ Bagua to expand your global visibility.

Career (Kan)

Looking for rapid career growth?

Add feng shui recommended houseplants in your career area.

They stimulate career expansion in your preferred profession and boost your wisdom.

Partnership (Kun)

Keep houseplants in the partnership Bagua of your home to nurture compassion and flexibility in your relationships.

Did you place your indoor plant as per Feng Shui? Share your tips and suggestions in the comments below.

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