Top 8 Benefits Of Indoor Plants That You Should Know

Written by: Yuvika Iyer

Published on: Nov 11, 2019

Top 8 Benefits Of Indoor Plants That You Should Know

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Still looking for a reason to indulge in plant love? Here are 8 solid benefits of indoor plants that you need to know to invite plants into your home.

Discover Top Benefits of Indoor Plants

Almost all of us are in deep love with our houseplants, but we are rarely aware of their great health benefits. Do you know your indoor air carries more toxicity than the outdoor air, and those stealthy toxins can be hazardous to our health? You can easily wick away those noxious pollutants by choosing the right set of air-cleaning plants. You just need to place these gems in the strategic corners of your home and breathe pure air.

Natural healers

The aloe vera plant scientifically known as Aloe Berberae is popularly known as “lily of the desert,” “the medicine plant” and “the plant of immortality.” This plant has magical healing properties, which include its strong air purifying capacity.

The gel inside the aloe leaves can quickly heal your wounds, cuts, and bruises. It is equally effective in soothing all types of skin burns, which includes sunburn as well.

Extensive use of aloe vera has been found in ancient Egyptian texts where it has shown to have quickly healed infections, parasites, cuts, and burns. If you have asthma, cut aloe leave and boil it in the water, take the vapor regularly, and it will negate your asthma symptoms.

Clean and Fresh Air

NASA conducted research called “The Clean Air Study” to find out the types and name of houseplants, which help us breathe fresh air by eliminating the airborne toxic elements. The spider plant is one of them which removes the harmful compounds and from indoor air. It’s easy-to-grow, beautiful and one of the most popular plant species.

The spider plants eliminate formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and carbon monoxide from the indoor air and make it breathable. These common VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) get emitted by household items like carpets, rugs, old furniture and fixtures, and other appliances.

NASA’s clean air study featured another plant called Ficus Elastica, commonly known as the rubber plant. It is a popular houseplant with shiny and gristly oval-shaped leaves with pointed tips.

Rubber plants rank pretty high on the list of air-purifying plants by removing airborne toxins like formaldehyde from the indoor air in your house. The bigger it grows, the toxic removal capacity of the rubber plants becomes more effective.

Formaldehyde is a deadly toxin which is released by the dust mites, molds and mildews hidden in your flooring tiles or furniture. The inbuilt chemical components of your daily household items such as hair care products, nail polish, air fresheners, and floor cleaners can trigger Formaldehyde into the indoor air.

Breathe Pure

Snake plant is popularly known as Mother In Law’s tongue for its curvy shape. It’s probably one of the toughest and low-maintenance houseplants. Its scaly upright leaves make a great style statement in any room of your house or office apart from purifying the air.

Plants make us remain alive by infusing fresh air in the atmosphere. They inhale CO2 and convert it into oxygen for us to breathe. Most houseplants perform this cycle during daytime unlike snake plant, which emits oxygen into indoor air at night. This amazing quality makes the snake plant a must-have in your bedroom.

Keep your snake plants within the breathing zone of your home, which is typically in the radius of 2 sq — meters where you usually sleep or sit. Right placement of your snake plants can provide immense benefits in the long run.

Natural Humidifier

Plants contribute around 10% of the moisture in the air, which we breathe. Areca palm, commonly known as the golden cane or butterfly palm is an extremely popular houseplant.

This beautiful palm infuses moisture into the indoor air and increases the humidity level in the dry months of the winter season.

Plants like succulents and cacti retain excess moisture or water in their leaves and stems and release almost zero moisture in the indoor air.

Natural Scents

Do you use artificial air fresheners to remove bad odor from your home and add a sweet touch of fragrance in the indoor air? Well, now it’s time to go natural.

Keep dwarf kaffir lime trees and fill your home with a fresh and sweet aroma. Turn your home into a chemical-free abode and say bye to the artificial room fresheners.

Reduced Stress, More Success

Multiple studies conducted by different research organization have proved that keeping houseplants in office or home have a positive effect on the occupant’s health. Choosing to live green helps in reducing anxiety, fatigues, and stress, rejuvenate your nervous system, and improve productivity in every sphere of your life.

Choose plants with broad leaves to keep on your work desk, home office, and kids’ study area to get a direct and maximum positive effect on health. You can go for weeping fig(Ficus Benjamina) or bamboo palm (Chamaedorea Seifrizii) to reduce CO2 emission and regulate moisture level in your office and home.

Peaceful Sleep

Each one of us needs to have 7 to 8 hours of peaceful and uninterrupted sleep to remain in the pink of our health. These days our minds are full of tension, stress, and busy thinking about our present and future, which triggers sleep disturbances and apnea.

Research has shown that regular intake of vapor from some houseplants like jasmine and lavender can help you sleep better and in a peaceful mind.

Keep a jasmine and lavender plant by the window of your bedroom. The heavenly aroma of lavender and jasmine flower will destress and tranquil your mind and give you a restful good night’s sleep.

Enhance Your Mental Health

When you are reeling under pressure, nothing can cheer you up better than the gift of greenery and colorful blooms. Multiple studies have revealed that hospital rooms with houseplants and flowers have positive effects on the patient’s mind and quicken the healing process.

Patients with terminal diseases have magical effects when they have plants and flowers around them; many of them experienced faster recovery with a calming effect on their nervous system.

Plants elevate your mood, enhance your positivity and make you more relaxed and in tune with nature.

When you love and adore the beauty of your houseplants, it gives you a sense of purpose and makes you more caring towards the environment and all living beings. Choose an easy-to-grow houseplant variety like African violet and enjoy the colorful bloom throughout the year.

Start your quest on green living today and see the freshness of pure air envelope you.

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