12 Essential Oil for Sleep that Work Like a Charm

Written by: Yuvika Iyer

Published on: Nov 11, 2019

12 Essential Oil for Sleep that Work Like a Charm

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Struggling to get good and comforting sleep? Know the best 12 essential oils for sleep that are effective and 100% natural.

Why Use Essential Oil for Sleep

Do you always feel tired but sleep-deprived? Are you having trouble sleeping or remain asleep?

Do you know there are more than 12 essential oil for sleep that work magically to cure sleep apnea or deficit and enhance your sleep quality?

These are 100% chemical-free and natural.

So, what are you waiting for?

Introduce these essential oil for sleep in your life and be ready to sleep like a baby.

You probably know or have experienced the power of strong aroma in evoking your feeling or boosting your memory.

Have you ever had such feelings?

A sweet aroma fills your nose and nerves, and suddenly you remember your grandmother?

A strong smell of crude oil jolts you out of your consciousness and take you back to the memory of your dad while he was repairing his vintage car?

Essential oils carry such magical healing power that it can refresh your mind and body.

Fill it with ecstasy, and calm your nerve so that you can sleep peacefully.

We all have a heightened sense of smell as it is directly connected to the brain’s centers of emotion and memory.

When a different scent or aroma floating in the environment, our nose detects the presence of it and sends the information back to our brain through the olfactory nerve.

The brain then processes the information and associates it with the “Feel Good” factor and brings elation, rejuvenation, and happiness to our mind and body.

Were you aware that smell is the most unique amongst all other senses?

It’s the only sense that gets directly transmitted from nose to brain.

All the remaining senses transfer information to the thalamus (a distinct part of the brain) and then pass it on to the central part of the brain.

That’s why distinct smells like the fragrance of lovely roses or the aroma of freshly brewed coffee have the ability to move your senses so much that you get drawn to it.

How Essential Oils Can Help Us Sleep Better

You must be wondering how to use essential oil to sleep better?

Did you know that essential oils come with an ancient history that dates back to early Chinese, Egyptian, and Roman societies?

The science of essential oils is also known as Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is the modern version of the ancient practice of alternative medicine.

For many years, scientists have been conducting in-depth studies into the stress-relieving, sleep-promoting, mood-regulating and pain-reducing benefits of essential oils.

  • A recent study has scientifically proven that essential oils reduce sleep disruption and improve sleep quality in adults. A detailed comparison has been made between the effectiveness of acupressure and aromatherapy in boosting sleep quality, and essential oils proved to be quite effective.

  • Blending 2-3 essential oils in the correct ratio were found to be more effective and powerful in improving sleep quality compared to a single essential oil.

  • You can use essential oils as a stress buster and mitigate anxiety symptoms in your life. The happy and positive feelings generated by the aroma of essential oil can indirectly improve your sleeping time and quality.

  • Did you know that the right dosage of essential oils can help you fight depression?

A recent study conducted between a group of post-partum ladies revealed that aromatherapy helped improved the symptoms of anxiety and depression in them.

In-Depth Research and analysis conducted in 2016 found aromatherapy have a magical effect in combating depression and stress and treating symptoms of menopause in older and perimenopausal women.

Top 11 Essential Oil for Sleeping Well

Let’s look at the 11 most essential oils and analyze how they can boost your sleep quality.


Lavender is one of the most potent and popular essential oils for inducing relaxation and better sleep among sleep-deprived patients.

We always recommend people having sleep apnea to go for aromatherapy for improving sleep quality.

Lavender has long term association with rest and relaxation for its soothing fragrance and provided natural relief for depression and anxiety.

Several studies have revealed that Lavender oil has an equally good effect in relieving your pain and inflammation.

A recent study conducted in the age group of 6 to 12 years old kids recovering from tonsil removal showed that lavender oil-based aromatherapy reduced the necessity of pain medication in them and they healed faster.

Lavender also has soothing effect on your nerves which means it can make you fast asleep.

Try using lavender as a key essential oil for sleeping and see how it works!

Lavender has demonstrated its effectiveness for increasing sleep time, improving sleep quality and make you more alert, which includes insomniac people as well.


Vanilla is liked across the world for its sweet and flavorful aroma, and it has long been associated with relieving from stress and making you more relaxed.

It also has soothing effects on your mind and body. It can significantly reduce restlessness and hypertension by soothing the nervous system and lowering your blood pressure.

Vanilla is a potent stress reliever and antidepressant, with a combined effect of uplifted mood and a relaxed mind.

We recommend you to eat less but smell more vanilla as it induces sleep naturally without the piling on calories.


“Jasmine” – the name is associated with rejuvenating and rich flowery fragrance.

The intense floral scent of Jasmine has the built-in quality to improve your sleep quality.

Multiple research studies have proven that Jasmine controls restlessness and increase daytime alertness as well.

In 2002, a team of researchers compared Lavender and Jasmine and found out that Jasmine delivered all sleep benefits and lowered anxiety and depression better than Lavender.


Sandalwood has a woody, rich, and earthy scent which can instantly relieve you from anxiety and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Multiple scientific studies revealed that sandalwood worked wonders in controlling and slowly curing anxiety symptoms.

Sandalwood is a powerful essential oil for sleeping.

It has powerful sedative effects which cause uninterrupted sleep, improve sleeping pattern, quality and makes you more mindful.

Sandalwood if applied with a correct ratio, has been scientifically proven to increase alertness and wakefulness by making you physically relaxed.

Each one us has different reaction to scents.

You may be benefitted by having better sleep quality while the other person can feel more relaxed and mindful.

If you use Sandalwood during the night it can significantly improve your sleep quality and pattern while using it in daytime can enhance your alertness and fill your mind with renewed energy.


Lemon has a similar effect as sandalwood, right aromatic use of lemon or citrus oil can stimulate your nerve and promote better sleep.

The reaction may vary depending on the type of citrus oil used by you. Bergamot, an orange variety, is capable of improving sleep quality and relieve stress.

Lemon oil, on the other hand, has been scientifically tested and demonstrated magical curative properties in reducing depression and anxiety.

Citrus oil may help some people to fall asleep fast, and with ease, for others, its rich fragrance can be more refreshing than sleep-promoting.

If the aroma of citrus makes you more energized, then it’s advisable to use them during the daytime instead of night and channelize your energy to be more productive.


Vetiver essential oil is extracted from the plant’s root. It’s earthy and rich aroma calm your restless mind and help your brain to hibernate faster before sleeping.

You may take a while to get used to its strong smell, that’s the reason we recommend you to mix it with roman chamomile or lavender (lighter oils) for a lasting effect.


Roman Chamomile essential oil has soothing, relaxing, and calming properties.

It contains a light floral aroma and is ideal for creating a peaceful environment in your house.

If used at night, the refreshing aroma will help to calm your nerve and improve your sleep quality.


Ylang Ylang – hard to pronounce, isn’t it? It sounds like you have a mouthful of chocolate and some gooey ones are stuck on your tongue.

Trust me, whatever it is, Ylang Ylang is the perfect choice if you are looking at improving your sleep quality.

It’s has a perfect blend of fruity and floral aroma, ideal for filling your mind with serenity.


I have attached a strange affinity with bergamot ever since I smelled it.

It’s a type of citrus fruit, the peel or rind of which is cold-pressed to make “Bergamot Essential Oil.”

The majority of the citrus oils such as wild orange or grapefruit may have a bit of stimulating effect on your nerve, but bergamot works differently.

It’s strong yet soothing at the same time.

I prefer bergamot over other essential oils so it is a key part of my ‘essential oil for sleeping well’ toolkit!

Important Note: Keep in mind that Bergamot has photosensitive properties, which can make your skin overly sensitive when exposed to the sun.

We strongly recommend you not to apply bergamot oil on the open areas of your skin, only use on the body parts which are covered.


I know what you feel, I had the same thought when I first heard of marjoram essential oil, I could only think of using it in cooking.

Trust me; Marjoram has much wider benefits than what you can imagine.

It’s a great choice to naturally heal the cramps in your joints and muscles and bring better reflexes.

Not only that, Marjoram plays a pivotal role in making you fall asleep fast and peacefully.


The woody and earthy aroma of cedarwood essential oil enchant me every time I smell it. I frequently use it to calm down my brain and soothe my mind after a hectic day.

I use it both topically and with a diffuser. It mixes well with lighter varieties of floral fragranced oil or great to use on its own as well.

How To Use Essential Oils For Relaxation And Better Sleep

We have recommended many people to use essential oil blends in the correct ratio for better sleep quality. Keep reading to know some easy-to-follow guidelines to kick-start your journey with essential oil:

  • Add a few drops of oil to your bathwater and instantly refresh yourself. This is an excellent way to get relaxed and derive various other benefits of aromatherapy apart from sleeping well.  
  • Pour a recommended number of drops of your favorite essential oil in the bathwater and keep it soaked for 60 to 90 minutes and take a bath just before your bedtime. The essential oil blended shower will have soothing effect on your brain and help to improve your sleep quality.
  • Ideally, use a diffuser as it will directly sprinkle essential oils right into the indoor air. You need to add oil and water in the manufacturer recommended ratio, follow the other instructions and slowly experience the desired effect.
  • It requires little effort to prepare your own blend. You can put water and essential oil in an atomizer or spray bottle, mix and shake it well before misting on your bed sheet or spraying around your room.
  • We recommend spraying the blend underneath your pillow to avoid skin rashes or irritation. Add 4-5 drops of essential oil in every ½ cup of water; you can reduce the number of drops if the smell feels too strong.

Getting a nice massage done by your partner can instantly lift your mood and help you enjoy a romantic night.

We always recommend our readers to use essential oils in diluted form as undiluted version can be highly intense, concentrated and irritate your skin.

Safety Tips for Using Essential Oils

Before you integrate new essential oil blend into your daily life, test them thoroughly to understand the benefits and side effects.

This trial and error exercise will help you find out if you’re developing any allergic reaction to the new blends.

Essential oils are incredibly potent, and you should take precaution along with the recommended dosage before using aromatherapy.

  • To begin with, blend essential oil with a specific carrier oil (such as sweet almond or jojoba oil) before applying it on your skin. It should not be used in excessive quantity or applying directly on your skin.
  • Before implementing essential oils into your life, make sure to consult a certified health professional or alternative medicine practitioner to find out if essential oil suits your health condition or not.
  • If you are breastfeeding, pregnant or having any chronic health condition, don’t forget to consult your doctor before applying essential oils in your daily routine.
  • Learn more about safe usage of essential oils and go for a check-up with your doctor if you have sleep apnea or disorder and are planning to use aromatherapy to treat and cure sleep disorder.
  • NEVER APPLY undiluted essential directly oil on your skin. If you want to make topical use of essential oils on your body, make sure to buy diluted essential oil – a blend of essential oils of your preferred fragrance and a carrier oil (primarily a vegetable oil).

The moment you start using essential oil for sleep, cherish the experience and pay attention to your feeling.

Every human-like different aromas, pick the one you like and feel energized after using.

The right scents are the ones that instantly relax your mood, make you feel sleepy and improve sleep quality.

You need to experiment with different essential oil for sleep blends before finalizing and incorporating your preferred blend to use at nighttime.

If an aroma makes you feel refreshed and alert then it’s not the right variety to induce sleep instead you can use it in the morning to make your day more productive.

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