Top 20 Indoor Plants Safe For Cats And Dogs

Written by: Yuvika Iyer

Published on: Nov 11, 2019

Top 20 Indoor Plants Safe For Cats And Dogs

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Love having pets and plants at home?

Read this list of 20 indoor plants safe for cats and dogs before you get another plant in your home.

Which Indoor Plants are Safe for Cats and Dogs

Have you ever thought, why do your dogs and cats like to munch on the houseplants?

Which indoor plants are safe for cats and dogs?

Well, some people say it’s to soothe irritable bowel or process hairballs, while the other group thinks pets eat plan to cure a nutritional deficiency.

Your pets can even chew the plants playfully or just for fun, attacking the waving fronds considering those to be their toys.

We may not be able to keep houseplants away from our adorable pets but need to make sure that our plants are non-toxic and safe to them.

I always recommend keeping your houseplants at a place that’s out of the pet’s reach.

Here is a curated list of 20 indoor plants safe for cats and dogs for newbie plant enthusiasts.


Sinningia speciosa or Gloxinia plants are wonderful gift plants on special days like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

If you get these gorgeous bloomers, your pets can never be harmed. Keep the soil moist and provide indirect light to care these Brazilian varieties.

African Violet

African Violets are probably one of the most popular and beautiful flowering houseplants in every household.

These little cuties are liked across the world due to their ability to thrive in low light, average humidity, and moderate temperature.

I always recommend the African Violet lovers to use a balanced fertilizer and potting mix with no soil to have the best growth for your plants.

Baby Tears

Baby Tears are scientifically known as Soleirolia soleirolii.

It’s a creeper with pretty and tiny green leaves and looks quite a show stopper when kept in hanging planter or terrarium.

It can also be planted on the base of bigger indoor plants to hug and cling to them as true companions.

If you have pets and they tend to dig in the soil of your houseplants, use the baby tears to cover the soil and shoo your pets away.

Banana leaf

The banana leaf plant is pet safe and of dramatic accent.

Bright light, fertile soil, and regular watering will provide for the right condition to grow your banana leaves.

I recommend you to care for them with the right amount of fertilizer and water, put them under direct sunlight to get excellent growth and quality of fruits.

Spider Plant 

Spider plants look as elegant today as they used to in my ancestral house.

I simply adore the cute and shrubby spiderettes when they pop out of their mother plants.

Spideys are also known as airplane or ribbon plant.

I would recommend these pretty houseplants to all the plant enthusiasts with pets as they are non-toxic to dogs and cats. It can tolerate a varied range of soil, moisture, and light conditions.

Check spider plants on Amazon.

Venus Fly Trap

These funky and cool plants are carnivorous.

Yes, you heard it right.

As the name suggests if a fly comes near the plant, it can just wrap it and devour for a sumptuous lunch or dinner.

Now, you may think does it go well with your pets and what will happen if your cat or dog pounces on them.

You will be happy to know that your flytraps aren’t toxic to your pets and nothing will happen even if they give a curious nibble on them.

You have to spray your fly trap with distilled water and keep them under a bright light to keep them in fly-catching and healthy condition.

Check venus fly traps on Amazon.

Areca Palm 

All the new or seasoned plant enthusiasts are fond of this adorable plant and lovingly call it butterfly palm.

If you add areca in your houseplant collection, it will give your interior a tropical look.

Areca doesn’t harm your dogs or cats even if they playfully bite or swat on it playfully due to its non-toxic nature.

My recommendation would be to grow it in a place with indirect sunlight. Let the soil of your areca dry out before you water your plant.

Check areca palms on Amazon.

Boston Fern

Boston ferns, scientifically known as Nephrolepsis are widely popular for being an enduring houseplant.

It can be a little challenging for you to keep your pets away from this beautiful plant as they get tempted to chew its shaggy leaves.

These lush green foliage doesn’t cause any toxicity to your dogs or cats, so go ahead and jazz up your living room or bathroom with your Boston fern.

Make sure to keep them near a medium or large window as they thrive well in humidity and indirect sunlight.

Check boston ferns on Amazon.

Calathea Plants

Calathea, which is popularly known as peacock or zebra plants, flaunt tropical leaves of large size with amazing stripes on them.

A Calathea is a perfect candidate for the shaded corner of your house as excess light may discolor and burn their leaves.

Check calathea plants on Amazon.


Pilea involucrate, widely known as friendship plant, is a trailing houseplant variety with brittle stems that grows well in highly humid condition.

It thrives better in a terrarium, which also saves it from an unwanted nibble of your dog and cat.

Check friendship plants on Amazon.

Polka Dot

The beautiful white, red and pink splashed foliage is highly ornamental and adjust well in different conditions, unlike other houseplants.

Polka dots are one of the indoor plants safe for cats and dogs.

But if your furry friends consume the leaves in large quantities, it may trigger mild digestive issues in them.


Peperomia stands out for its vibrant colors and smooth textures amongst the houseplant enthusiasts.

Apart from being highly colorful, they are not toxic to your dogs and cats and looks gorgeous in hanging planters.

It can withstand dry conditions, so they don’t mind if at times you forget to water them.

Check peperomias on Amazon.


I know many people who are passionate about growing orchids (Orchidaceae) in their homes.

With proper care, they can alter the persona of your home with their gorgeous and colorful blooms.

Orchids are pet-safe and look equally ravishing in hanging and regular planter.

Many of them thrive in filtered light and root-bound conditions and blossom across the winter months.

I would strongly recommend trying your hands in other easy-to-care houseplants before growing orchids.

Check orchids on Amazon.


The mosaic plant is fondly known as nerve plant.

Its delicately veined and green texture is soothing for eyes and has a calming effect on our nervous systems.

The best part is that they are non-toxic for your furry friends!

These plants are native to rainforests, and the leaves are ornamented by fascinating pink or white veining.

Mosaic is kinda cute and grow well in moderate watering and low light condition.

Check mosaic plants on Amazon.

Asparagus Fern

The asparagus fern is the perfect example to have faded the boundary between ornamental plants and vegetables.

It’s commonly known as foxtail fern because of its look.

This plant is closely related to the asparagus family and got less resemblance with fern except for its dense foliage.

Your asparagus fern can thrive well in filtered light, rich soil, and average water requirement.

Check asparagus ferns on Amazon.


Bromeliads are hot favorites for its strappy, hard leaves and their elegant cone-like flowers amongst seasoned plant enthusiasts.

It’s a pet-safe and easy-going variety which grows faster in humid condition and under bright sunlight.

You can even grow bromeliads as an epiphyte on a log with no soil.

This unique quality makes the plant pet-friendly with nothing for your dogs or cats to dig.

Check bromeliads on Amazon.

Ponytail Palm

As the name suggests, the leaves of the plant make a ponytail formation and may look tempting to your cats or dogs to zap at them.

These plants are non-toxic and thrive better on dry and sunny condition.

Check ponytail palms on Amazon.

Purple Waffle

Purple Waffle plants are a treat to your eyes for its multi-colored textures leaves. It is an all-season plant that can be grown anytime during the year.

My advice would be to keep these gems in indirect sunlight to maintain their purple coloration without burning the leaves.

This plant is widely popular for its air-purifying capacity, keeping the environment clean and healthy for you.

Check purple waffle plants on Amazon.

Royal Velvet

Scientifically known as Gynura aurantiaca, this plant looks mind-blowing and straight out of fairy tales.

The velvety texture, shimmering leaves of purple color, and sunny conditions are ideal for growing royal velvet plants.

It’s always wise to water the plant when the soil is arid.

Before watering, touch the topsoil, if it feels dry and hard then only water the plant.


You don’t need to splurge on artificial succulent when Haworthia is there to delight you every moment with its multifaceted looks.

The thumb rule to grow Haworthia is to keep it under bright light and water them only once in a week (if the soil is dry, otherwise take more time).

All varieties of Haworthia are pet-safe and can be a treat to your eyes for their vibrant and unique leaves and formation.

Now that you are aware of which plants are safe for your pawed friends, get ready for plant love!

Check haworthia plants on Amazon.

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