8 Powerful Air Purifier Benefits that You Need to Know

Written by: Yuvika Iyer

Published on: Nov 22, 2019

8 Powerful Air Purifier Benefits that You Need to Know

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Do You Know the Top 8 Surprising Air Purifier Benefits? 

With air pollution becoming more rampant with each day, we are in danger of contracting air-borne diseases.

Allergies and asthma can prove to be life-threatening if not treated on time.

As per the American Lung Association, more than 50 million Americans suffer from some allergy or asthma-related problems.

We cannot do anything about the outside air quality, but we can surely make our indoor air safe and pure to breathe.

An air purification system is one of the most effective ways to clean the indoor air. One of the air purifier benefits is that it helps to clean the contaminated indoor air and frees it from smoke, pollen, viruses, and bacteria.

While you cannot see these airborne contaminants by the naked eye, they can be filtered out using air purifiers.

Understanding What Does an Air Purifiers Do

Air purifiers use a sequence of filters that are strategically arranged to filter indoor air. Electrical attraction, ozone purification, and HEPA filter are just some of the technologies used in the different air purifiers. Let’s take a look at the diverse technologies that come in an air purifier.

Filtration Technology

In filter air purifiers, fine sieves are fitted inside the air purifier to filter out the contaminants. The air in the room gets pulled into the machine with the help of a fan that passes through the sieve.

All the impurities are left behind on the filter so that the pure air can flow into the room. You will find that the finer sieves can capture even the smallest particles easily.

In HEPA air filtration, filters made of tiny glass fibers are woven to create a paper that can trap 99.97% of impure particles from the air.

The air passes through the HEPA filter multiple times so that it becomes utterly devoid of any airborne contaminants.

Ultra Violet Radiation

Air purifiers using Ultraviolet technology use the UV light system to get rid of the bacteria and virus present in the air. This method can be beneficial, but you should remember that it is optional.

You can also use this system in combination with the HEPA filter to get the best results.

UV light technology is effective at eliminating both biological and viral contaminants from the air. The ultraviolet light destroys pathogens with the help of electromagnetic radiation.

It breaks the molecular bonds present in the DNA of viruses, germs, and bacteria. Once treated with the UV light, these microorganisms are not able to reproduce and multiply.

However, you should be aware that UV air purifiers are powerless against smoke, allergens, and odor.

Air Ionization

In an air purifier based on air ionization, a stream of negative ions are emitted. These electrically charged air molecules are attracted to the positive particles in the air such as microbes, odors, and other particulates. Using air ionizers is beneficial for people with respiratory ailments.

Once the positively charged and negative ions bond to form dirt particles that end up falling on the floor. Since they are dense, they can be easily seen and swept away.

Ozone Technology

Ozone is used as an optional filtration technology in addition to HEPA/Ionic Air Purifiers. They have inbuilt ozone generating devices that are effective at removing odors from the air.

These machines make use of high voltage electrical currents to convert oxygen to ozone. Presence of ozone causes the molecules and micro-organisms to break down and change their form.

It is advisable to use ozone when the room is devoid of any people. Once the air gets purified, then it should be left open for people and pets to come in. It is commonly used in commercial grade air purifiers.

Are you planning to get an air purifier? Wondering how it can help you?

Benefits of Air Purifiers

Your home is your sanctuary. A place where you relax and rejuvenate after a long day. Shouldn’t it be pure, clean and healthy?

I am sure; you will say yes. Now, what if I tell you the air you breathe in your home can be worse than the air you breathe outside.

As per The American Lung Association, more than 87% of homeowners in the U.S. have no idea that the indoor air quality in their home could be significantly worse than that outside.

And if we don’t pay attention, it can make us sick. If you aren’t careful, you could catch a cold early. Or, get the flu you wanted to avoid.

Air is present everywhere and a carrier of many particles such as microflora, dust, allergens. When we breathe in the air, these particles end up entering our body.

Air Purifier is an electronic device which helps us clean the indoor air by getting rid of these toxic particles. Let us know more about why air purifiers should be given space in our home.

Role of Air Purifiers

With the introduction of air purifiers, we have one more tool in our arsenal to combat the ever-increasing air pollution.

Well, its air purifier benefits are still being debated, but we cannot deny its role in getting rid of many unwanted particles. Let’s see some reasons why we should consider spending our precious dollars on them.

Reduces Presence of Allergens

Allergens are the primary contributors to any form of allergies. Dust, dander, living organisms, pollen or other impurities present in air triggers the onset of allergies.

Manually catching and eliminating these allergens are not always possible as they may not be visible to the human eye. Getting a professional cleaning done can help, though it is a one-time exercise.

If your loved ones have difficulty breathing or are prone to respiratory disorders, the presence of allergens can worsen their conditions. Installation of a high-tech air purifier will help to reduce the presence of allergens from your home substantially.

Controls Pet Dander

Your pet is an integral part of your family. You make sure to groom them regularly, but sometimes it may not be enough.

No matter how stringent hygiene you observe for them, your pet is surely going to shed off their hairs. As a result, dander starts renting space in your lungs and sparks off a possibility of future allergies and health issues.

Presence of an air purification system allows you to keep yourself and your beloved pet safe.

Keeps Indoor Air Free of External Pollutants

Is there any construction activity happening near your home? Well, you may be familiar with the poor quality of air in a construction site. As per Environmental Pollution Center, airborne contaminants from a construction site include contaminated particulate matter and volatile compounds.

They are carried in the direction of the wind to the entire neighborhood and surrounding areas.

It can include harmful substances like asbestos, silica dust and dangerous gases like nitrogen oxide (NOX), carbon dioxide (chemical formula CO2), and carbon monoxide (CO). They include PM 10 that is a particulate matter with a diameter of fewer than 10 microns.

The result is contaminated air and compromised air quality that can result in watery eyes, problems associated with sinus and respiratory system disorders.

At its worst, it may lead you from a medium to a severe asthmatic attack. Pulmonary complications and emphysema are other extreme medical conditions which can occur.

Dust-laden microbes and other particulate matters can trigger an asthmatic attack too.

Imagine the impact if such dust particles enter your body? Once these contaminated dust particles get into your body, they target your lungs and disrupt the regulated functioning of your mucous membranes.

In turn, you may become prone to chronic respiratory conditions. Regular air filtration with an air purifier can shield you from all such respiratory disorders.

Eliminates Airborne Microbes

Air Purifiers are indeed a blessing for those who suffer from auto-immune diseases. If you or a loved one have pulmonary fibrosis, you know what I am talking about. In this medical condition, existing cells in the body tend to attack and weaken other cells.

Presence of an air filtration device can help to control the growth of such dangerous microbes.

Pulmonary fibrosis or any other auto-immune diseases opens a door for other opportunistic infections. Tuberculosis or Pneumonia is the most common secondary infections in immune-compromised individuals.

Since both of them are caused due to microbial invasion, air purifiers help to keep them away from you.

The use of HEPA and UV Germicidal light-based air purifiers ensures that the UV light kills such microbes before they manage to attack you.

Protects Your Home from Moisture

Your home is made of bricks, stones, mortar, and paint. Inside the home, you have lovingly collected and showcased your belongings and valued possessions.

Presence of moisture can be very harmful to your home and those belongings.

Molds are your enemy. In a moisture-laden home, they can survive and thrive unabated. Using an air purifier will help to suck out all the moisture from the air and doesn’t allow the black molds or Stachybotrys to flourish.

Molds are your enemy. In a moisture-laden home, they can survive and thrive unabated. Using an air purifier will help to suck out all the moisture from the air and doesn’t allow the black molds or Stachybotrys to flourish.

When you install an air purifier in every room, you can avoid mold formation in any nook or cranny in your home.

Banishes Bad Odors

Have you ever noticed unusual smells or odors in your home? Smells and odors are volatile. Depending on the strength of smell or odors, the effects may vary from benign intolerance to severe nausea.

If your home was in a forest fire or a recently flooded neighborhood, it might be prone to long-lasting smells or odors. Installing air purifier keeps all the nauseating smells out of your doors so that you lead a peaceful life.

There are other situations when installing an air purifier in your home can be beneficial.

Is Anyone Pregnant in Your Home?

Did you know that a pregnant woman has reduced immunity levels? The Cleveland Clinic mentions that a pregnant woman is more prone to developing respiratory disorders.

In addition to their own lives, they carry their child within them. It is thus apparent that the things that might harm the mother can be equally harmful to the unborn baby as well.

Inhalation of microbes or any other dust laden particles may interfere with the fetal cell development process.

As per the USGS National Wildlife Health Center, Toxoplasma gondii is one such example of a microbe that is easily inhaled and affects fetal development.

Presence of air purifiers can get rid of these microbes.

Do You Have Small Children at Home?

Small children do not have a well-developed immune response. As they are still in their development stages, their immune system takes time to adapt and respond to the outer environment.

Air purifiers help to keep your child away from airborne respiratory complications and other related breathing issues.

One thing is clear. Controlling outdoor air quality is not possible. But indoor air quality is an area which we can manage to a great extent.

Why not take active steps to make it better for yourself and your loved ones.

If you want to buy an along-lasting and effective air purifier, you will need to start with what exactly is essential for you.

I am sure you don’t want to spend a bomb on the device and watch it perform less than your expectations. To avoid such a scenario, make a list of all your must-haves in an air purifier before you go shopping for one.


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