13 Best Plant Subscription Boxes for Every Plant Lover!

Written by: Yuvika Iyer

Published on: Jun 26, 2020

13 Best Plant Subscription Boxes for Every Plant Lover!

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Last Updated on September 21, 2020 by Yuvika Iyer

What Are Plant Subscription Boxes?

Struggling to give a gift to your plant loving friend?

Here’s a super simple and affordable solution.

Wow, your friend with a fantastic plant subscription box and see them get wild with joy! (Or indulge yourself with one, we won’t judge!)

Whether you are a trained horticulturist or keeping plant for the first time, plant subscription service will enrich your houseplants collections.

If you wish to give the gift of air purifying indoor plants to your friend, go right ahead and choose a plant subscription box that suits their personality!

If you are scavenging common houseplants, air plans, cacti or those beautiful succulents, it’s time to trust the expertise of a popular plant subscription service.

We have researched, analyzed and curated 13 best brands offering doorstep delivery of your favorite plants.

Let’s get right to it.

Top Benefits of Plant Subscription Boxes

Whether you want seasonal flowering plants, a pet-friendly or beginner varieties, you will find everything with the plant subscription service.

While signing up you have to disclose a few important facts like your preferred style of planter, amount and duration of direct and indirect sunlight received, your lifestyle (super-busy or you can spare time in caring your plants) and local climate.

After receiving the information, these companies will make custom plant-boxes for you with suitable plants.

If you have any question, you can consult their expert and trained plant instructors who will take you through every minute detail.

From decorative planters and sturdy pots to big discounts and in-depth online workshops, these plant subscription brands offer you everything.

These perks don’t cost you a fortune and work as excellent gifts for special occasions.

You can’t be happier than seeing a wide smile in your loved ones’ face when you gift them cute little plants.

A surprising benefit will also be the greener and much cleaner air the indoor plants will help with in their home!

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Why Plant Subscription Boxes Make for A Perfect Gift

If you are a plant enthusiast, hobbyist, gardener or horticulturist, I bet you won’t be able to resist the idea of bringing new and beautiful plants home.

We all become overjoyed when our neighborhood garden centers are full of colorful plants in the outset of Spring and Summer.

In reality, most of us are super-busy in our work and time-strapped to check out new plants physically. You may not like your favorite plants to be transported every time from the garden center.

If you are new to this plant keeping journey, you may be confused on how and where to find healthy and beautiful plants.

As you start exploring the varieties, learn about their care needs and other key details, you would like plants that work for you and probably forgiving to your care mistakes.

12 Best Plant Subscription Boxes For 2020

Here are the top plant subscription boxes that will make your friend’s day so awesome, they’ll be jumping with joy!

Urban Organic Gardener

You get high-quality garden supplies and seeds curated for a blooming terrace or balcony garden.

Once you take the membership of Urban Organic Gardener, you will get wide varieties of high-quality seeds (OP/non-hybridized/GMO-FREE/heirloom) with the highest germination potentials and varied garden supplies.

Your order can be customized based on location, personal preferences, characteristics, and many other factors.

You can gift these “Mother Nature’s blessings” to your loved ones on a special occasion.

These seeds suit different conditions and any type of grower. You can plant the seeds immediately upon arrival or soak them in the water and plant the next day.

You may even choose to make your seed bank and spread the love by giving them away for charity. Here’s what you get:

  • Top-quality Non-GMO heirloom seeds
  • The package includes planting and germination instruction, garden supplies and more items
  • All the group of seeds is customized as per your preference, location, sunlight, space and other key factors
  • You are allowed to cancel the membership whenever you want
  • Seed Club promises 100% satisfaction


You can get your favorite seeds at just $5 per month (starting price)

Check Urban Organic Gardener subscription plans on Cratejoy.

Actual User Review

“This is my favorite subscription box I’ve ever purchased. The seeds I received were exactly what I was looking for as an amateur gardener – edible, hardy, and able to grow well indoors. The information included was extremely helpful, and I appreciated the thoughtfulness that went into my curation of seeds. Taking care of my emerging sprouts has been a welcome distraction during a stressful time, and I cannot wait to receive next month’s shipment. This subscription truly provides the most value per dollar, and I am so happy I stumbled upon it! I highly, highly recommend this to anyone looking to get into gardening. I used to kill every plant I touched, and this has put the fun back into owning plants for me.”


4-star on 121 reviews

Check Urban Organic Gardener on Cratejoy.

Bloomin’ Bin

Bloomin’ Bin offers the perfect gardening subscription box for plant enthusiasts of every skill level. July is ideal for growing Celosia and Cabbage.

Bloomin’ Bin’s monthly subscription model is ideal for newbie gardeners and garden care experts. You will get seasonal seeds of different plant varieties every month. Once you get your favorite plants, you need to pot them into fertile soil with good drainage, water them thoroughly and keep them under sunlight as per the instructions.

Yes, it’s so simple.

At the checkout page of Bloomin’ Bin, you can choose to receive seeds for vegetables/fruits, flowers, or a mix of both. You get the flexibility to choose from four plans as per your requirement and preference.

Take a look at all the four plans and pick the one that fits your needs.

Basic Bin: This box contains seeds, grow bags or pots (depending on plant size), plant food or soil sample, and sometimes live plants as well.

Just Seeds: You get 3 to 5 types of seeds for the entire month as per your choice and availability. This plan normally doesn’t include live plants as they are offered for the whole month.

Just Seeds Premium: You get 3-5 types of seeds for the entire month with this subscription plan. This premium plan may sometimes include live plants in your monthly box. You get Bloomin’ Bin custom binder in your first month, which will have laminated seed care and planting instructions. You are free to choose your favorite vegetable, fruit, flower, or mix of all 3 with Just Seeds Premium.

Premium Bin: The final plan contains seeds, grow bag or pot, plant food or soil sample and garden supplies, or project tools. It may include a live plant as well.


Bloomin Bin plans start from $7.50 per month.

Check Bloomin’ Bin subscription box on Cratejoy.


4.8 from 126 reviews

Actual User review

“Got this as a gift, and what a lovely gift it is! I can’t wait to see what comes each month, I mean, besides smiles and sunshine, of course. I received several packages of seeds, a nice gardening book, a Farmer’s almanac, and grow bags. The seed packets are just so cute!”

Check Bloomin’ Bin Subscription Box on Cratejoy.

Seed Bank Box

If you want beautifully packed boxes with high-quality organic vegetable seeds to plant every month in your garden, Seed Bank Box should be an ideal choice.

You get rare non-GMO and organically grown seeds at your doorstep.

Seed Bank Box has designed its monthly subscription boxes primarily for the urban gardeners.

After signing up with them, you will get boxes full of non-GMO, organic, and occasionally rare vegetable seeds to plant in your terrace or kitchen gardens.

Seed Bank Box will cultivate and nurture your habit of growing natural and pesticide-free vegetables. These naturally grown produces are way better than the ones you find in your neighborhood grocery stores.

Seed Bank Box believes in the concept of growing your food at home. Using homegrown composts and manures are the best ways of getting high-quality foods.

Why spoil your health with pesticide-filled foods when you can live a 100% organic life.

There are endless possibilities of foods you can grow in your organic home garden.  It ranges from fruit plants, root and vining vegetables, edible flowers, leafy greens to medicinal plants and rare heirloom varieties

An urban gardener can live a green life at the comfort of their home with Seed Bank Box. You will get highly fertile seeds to plant and grow in your terrace garden every month. You will find different varieties of vegetables with Seed Bank Box, which is difficult to get in any store or garden center.


Rated 5 star in 9 reviews


Pick plans that start from $17.92 every month

Check Seed Bank Box subscription plan on Cratejoy.

Actual User Review

“I ❤ LOVE ❤ this box! The shipping is on time. Presentation is awesome. The seeds varieties amazing and all things I will plant. The information cards with each packet is very informative. A+++”

Note- Ships anywhere in the world from the United States.

Check Seed Bank Box subscription plan on Cratejoy.

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House Plant Box

If you are a true plant enthusiast and willing to try your hands on exotic and unique houseplants, House Plant Box can make you jump in joy. Every month you will get wide varieties of rare houseplants, air plants, succulents, cacti, aquatic and medicinal plants.

House Plant Box values your choice and aesthetics. They deliver a customized collection of houseplants and other garden supplies at your doorstep as a part of a simple monthly plan.

All the plant boxes are unique theme-based and cherrypicked from the large varieties of houseplants in the greenhouse of House Plant Box. Following key points should be a driving factor of choosing House Plant Box:

  • All houseplants are healthy and California-grown
  • You will get round the clock help from a team of houseplant experts
  • You will get 100% satisfaction after seeing your favorite and vibrant houseplants
  • Easy to care guides are included in the package
  • Shipping is pretty reasonable @ $3.50 every plant box


Pick subscriptions starting from $19.25 every month.

Check House Plant Box subscription plan on Cratejoy.


Excellent ratings from 244 customer reviews

Note- Shipping is available only within the United States

Actual User Review

“When I learned that monthly plant subscriptions exist, I immediately subscribed to House Plant Box. I read the reviews and wasn’t really sure what to expect, but my first plant arrived today (just 5 days after placing my order) and I’m thrilled. My baby’s tears plant shipped quickly, was well packaged, and had zero damage. The plant was well watered and is full and healthy. I’m super pleased so far and I’m looking forward to many more months of plants.”

Check House Plant Box subscription plan on Cratejoy.

Succulent Studios

Two colorful succulents are nurtured and shipped from a family-owned nursery right at your doorstep every month by Succulent Studios.

You get two unique and cute succulents every month and can make a collection of your favorite and exotic succulents.

The plants get grown and cared for by 2nd gen succulent growers and delivered to you. These striking beauties start thriving right after you unbox them.

You can gift these cute plants to your wife, girlfriend, mom, or any loved one. Succulents are easy-to-care plants liked by most of the newbies and plant enthusiasts. You get a detailed care sheet along with your favorite succulents.

Let’s look at the benefits of Succulent Studios and why you should go for them.

  • You get two beautiful succulents each month, potted and ready to grow.
  • Succulent Studios charges a flat shipping rate for delivering across the US.
  • They ship fast and within a few business days once you place your order.
  • Succulents are known to take away your anxiety and instantly lift your mood.
  • You get a comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide.
  • You will get 100% satisfaction and green cheers from Succulent Studios.


Rated 4.2 from 38 reviews


Affordable pricing starting only $10 per month

Check Succulent Studios subscription plan on Cratejoy.

Actual User Review

“My husband has been getting this box for Christmas, so with his birthday & Valentine’s coming, I decided to keep it until March. Two adorable baby succulents & care instructions in each box. He recently re potted them.”

Check Succulent Studios subscription plan on Cratejoy.

Succulents Box

Want to present yourself or loved ones some beautiful succulents or amazing air plants every month? Go for monthly subscriptions of Succulents Box.

Succulents Box subscription is a must-have for true succulent lovers to indulge and enrich their succulent keeping experience.

It gives you the option to live a green life and improve your home air quality with a wide range of succulents.

You receive 4 different types of succulents, which are 2″ in size. You can also get 2 colorful air plants every month if you opt for an air plant subscription box.

You may wonder why you should go ahead with the Succulents Box and not any other brands. Well, here are the reasons:

  • Succulents Box delivers rare and exotic plants every month and enriches your plant keeping experience
  • You have the flexibility to choose between 1, 2, 3 or 4 succulents of 2-inch height every month
  • Quality Guarantee: They will deliver some of the healthiest and high-quality plants with detailed care guides for every plant
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: You will get a refund or replacement if you are not happy with your succulents.
  • You will get the plants and the care guides, but no other accessories are included in your monthly succulent box.


Highly rated with 4.2 star from 135 reviews


Choose affordable plans that start from just $4.75 per month

Check Succulents Box subscription plan on Cratejoy.

Actual User Review

“Box shipping extremely fast (which is great since the plants are perishable). Cute little succulent shipped directly to your home, what more could a plant lover ask for :)”

Note- Succulents Box only delivers plants within the United States.

Check Succulents Box subscription plan on Cratejoy.

The Succulent Source

5 different varieties of cacti and succulents are included in your monthly box.

The succulent source keeps your office, home, and garden colorful and full of life with their vast collections of cacti and succulents.

You get 5 of their handpicked and rare varieties of cacti or succulents of 2.5″ delivered every month at your doorstep.

They ship succulents on the 1st of every month. You have to order by 31st of the previous month to get your favorite succulent box. If you are a cacti lover, you have to order by 14th of the current month as the cacti box gets shipped on the 15th of every month.

  • SUCCULENTS – You will get 5 handpicked succulents every month from the 2.5″ matured plant collections of The Succulent Source.
  • VARIETY – The best part is that you won’t get any repeat succulents with The Succulent Source. If colorful succulents thrill you, then be prepared to jump in joy with so many succulent varieties.
  • KNOWLEDGE – Every succulent is labeled with the plant name and brief care info. You can visit the site of The Succulent Source to see additional care instruction for every plant variety.
  • MEMORIES – If you care for your lovely plants, they will never leave you alone. They will be with you for ages.
  • DAILY SMILES – It’s scientifically proven that you smile every time you come near a beautiful succulent.


Impressive rating of 4.7 stars from 14 customer reviews


Choose high quality succulents home delivered from only $27 every month.

Note- The delivery network is spread across the US.

Check The Succulent Source subscription plan on Cratejoy.

Actual User Review

“Good variety. I gave this as a gift to my favorite botanist, and he freaked out :). The plants are healthy and undamaged (A+ packaging). I HIGHLY recommend purchasing this box!!!!!!!!!! :)”

Check The Succulent Source subscription plan on Cratejoy.

Succulents Monthly

Succulents Monthly gives you almost everything you need to grow colorful and healthy succulents. You will get curated collection of high-quality succulents with media, pots, and essential garden supplies every month.

The trained horticulturists at Succulents Monthly pride themselves in pairing the best succulents with the right potting mix and other ingredients.

If you follow their care instructions, it won’t take much time for you to become a successful succulent parent. Their core objective is to help you and your loved ones to build an amazing collection of exotic succulents in your home.

You will have a great start in your journey of plant keeping with Succulents Monthly.

Why you should consider Succulents Monthly, below are the key reasons:

  • Includes healthy plants, succulent growing mix, and everything else you need
  • All their succulent boxes include healthy and colorful succulents, potting mix, and every essential ingredient you need to grow your plants.
  • You will get high-quality containers that are cute and classy to enhance your home décor
  • Hand-illustrated step-by-step guides are helpful with potting, care, and other important instructions.
  • Easy to grow in small and nucleus family
  • This can be a wonderful gift with printable gift card options


Great rating of 4.7 from 116 customer reviews


Pick the most lovely succulents delivered in perfect condition to your doorstep starting from $17.41 per month.

Check Succulents Monthly subscription plan on Cratejoy.

Note- Delivery is restricted only within the US

Actual User Review

“Love love love succulents monthly. Out of all the main succulent subscriptions such as succulent boxes or succulent studios, succulents monthly is my favorite. They come carefully wrapped and the Aloe Vera tho a little hurt on the tips came healthy. Shipping is a wait for once month as expected. Handling was good, but you can expect a little bit of broken tips but that’s plant shipping. They came with its own pot, so I don’t have to worry about getting that. Love it!!!!”

Check Succulents Monthly subscription plan on Cratejoy.

The Plant Club

The Plant Club is not only about your favorite but everything you need to grow them successfully as well.

Discover and fall in love with your favorite plants every month from The Plant Club.

The Plant Club experts thoughtfully curate the beautiful collections of pots and different garden accessories.

You see the touch of love and care in everything they pack and send you. After you receive the box, you can easily complete the assembling of detached parts and make your home décor colorful and vibrant.

If you want to teach your kids the habit of growing and nurturing houseplants, The Plant Club is a great stepping stone for that. You can make your loved ones happy by gifting them The Plant Club subscriptions.

What makes The Plant Club so special and coveted? Let’s find out:

  • They send you everything you need to grow your favorite plant unlike many other service providers who only deliver plants
  • You will mostly get houseplants and sometimes extra surprises along with that
  • Gift packaged & hand-illustrated instructions
  • The hand-illustrated care guide will make your plant-keeping experience hassle-free and enjoyable
  • You will get one ‘Featured Plant’ every month from The Plant Club
  • Revamp your home décor and start living green life with healthy and colorful plants in stylish pots


Pick this highly rated brand that has more than 90 customer reviews with a consolidated review of 4.6 stars.


Starting price is $23.33 every month

Check The Plant Club subscription plan on Cratejoy.

Actual User Review

“This box was beautifully packaged. My plant came tucked safely inside with a pot, potting soil, an information sheet, Plant hanger and hook, pin, magnet, and candy!!!

I’ve tried pricier plant subscriptions before, and never have I seen as much care and love put into a box. It’s affordable and well worth the price!”

Note- The Plant Club operates only within the United States

Check The Plant Club subscription plan on Cratejoy.

Easy Come Easy Grow

A monthly herb and vegetable seed subscription that delivers for my plant loving friends in Australia!

If you want fresh homegrown vegetables and herbs, Easy Come Easy Grow is sure to perk you up. You will get monthly seeds of vegetables and herb from them.

Easy Come Easy Grow was launched with a vision of promoting organically grown vegetables in your terrace or backyard. They help you become a successful grower by providing all the know-how to start your home garden.

When you subscribe and become one of the Easy Come Easy Grow family, you will get 3 different seasonal vegetable or herb seeds to plant and grow every month.

Whether you have a large backyard or a small windowsill, growing your food becomes super simple with Easy Come Easy Grow.

Let’ see what will you get with the Easy Come and Easy Grow subscription:

  • 3 different seasonal vegetable and herb seeds in each box
  • You will get grow cards in each box.
  • All seeds are cultivated within Australia and sold by Australian companies


It has more than 20 reviews with high ratings from Australian customers.


Check out their affordable starting price from AUD 8.33 per month.

Check Easy Come Easy Grow subscription plan on Cratejoy.

Actual User Review

“I love Easy Come Easy Grow! It is so exciting to have surprise seasonal herbs and vegetable seeds arrive at your doorstep every month! Everything about it is great from their lovely packaging to their info cards and their awesome online support network! They answer all your gardening questions big or small! Great work Easy Come Easy Grow!”

Note – Easy Come Easy Grow only delivers within Australia

Check Easy Come Easy Grow subscription plan on Cratejoy.

First Saturday

Have you ever come across organic pesticide that the earth loves? First Saturday protects you and your loved ones from the harmful effects of pesticides all year long.

The eco-friendly formula of First Saturday Lime safeguards your home from fleas, ticks, mites, lice, aphids, ants, and much more.

You can use it on the bedding of your pet and spread it in every corner of your house, backyard, stalls, terrace, and coops to make them odor and germ-free.

You will start seeing wonderful results within a few days, or if you are not satisfied, you can claim your money back.

How is First Saturday different from its contemporaries? Let’s have a look.

  • You will get the box by the 1st Saturday of each month
  • You will get some free gifts every month
  • Effective in eliminating bacteria and 100% eco-friendly
  • The patent is awaited on the formula
  • A perfect gift for loved ones


Rated 5 stars from 1 customer review


Monthly plan starts from $18.99

Check First Saturday subscription plan on Cratejoy.

Actual User Review

“I am so happy to receive this as a gift! I use FSL with all my animals. It came in the same box as usual. Thank you.”

Note – Excellent delivery network ensuring global shipping from the US

Check First Saturday subscription plan on Cratejoy.

Garden Outside The Box

Garden Outside The Box is specialized in organic garden seed kits, gardening gifts for adults and children, and Veggies Herbs Microgreens.

You can’t ask for anything better than adding fresh and homegrown herbs and veggies to your daily meals. You need not be a professional chef or expert gardener to enjoy the freshness of homegrown food.

All these seeds are easy to grow and use and ideal for all ages. When you see the seeds germinate and small green leaves sprout from them, trust me that will be the best day of your life.

Sprinkle fresh flavors and bursts of nutrition on your daily food with Garden Outside The Box.

The box contains Non-GMO, Organic, and Untreated High-Quality Sees for growing outdoors and indoors throughout the year.

Let’s look at the USPs of Garden Outside The Box:

  • All the seeds are organically grown
  • Non-GMO and Untreated
  • You get everything required to grow healthy plants
  • Easy and Fun Gardening experience
  • You don’t need a big yard to grow nutritious food, small balcony or windowsill is enough.


Plans start from $35 every month

Note – Only ships within the United States

Check Garden Outside The Box subscription plan on Cratejoy.

Air Plants Monthly

Air Plants Monthly delivers you with unique, beautiful, and easy-to-care air plants right at your doorstep.

You will receive 4 fresh and beautiful air plants handpicked by expert horticulturists. All these plants are of moderate size and ready to ripple your heart with excitement.

You will get different varieties of plants every month, which includes blooming plants, single large plants, a wide array of clumps, and exotic collections.

What makes Air Plants Monthly so sought-after? Let’s understand.

  • Beautiful flowering plants that help purify your home
  • Moderate size plants with pups that can be turned into a new plant
  • Rare & exotic varieties
  • Easy-to-care plants
  • All the plants are kid-friendly


The starting price is $17.99 every month

Note: Air Plants Monthly ships worldwide from the United States.

Check Air Plants Monthly subscription plans on Cratejoy.

Check out Your Best Plant Subscription Box!

Are you a Succulent lover? Prefer an air-purifying plant for your abode? New to indoor gardening?

With so many plants, there is a perfect plant for everyone!

Check out the Best Plant Subscription Boxes now on Cratejoy and see which one you like!

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