7 Effective Spring Cleaning Checklist for 2020 (Free Printables!)

Written by: Yuvika Iyer

Published on: Feb 28, 2020

7 Effective Spring Cleaning Checklist for 2020 (Free Printables!)

spring cleaning checklist
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Feeling overwhelmed with spring cleaning?

Here are 7 beautiful spring cleaning checklist printables that can make your life stress-free today.

Grab one of these stunning and super useful spring cleaning checklists that have helpful instructions too!

Finish your spring cleaning ahead of time to have a healthy and happy home.

Purify your indoor air with timely spring cleaning.

To have plenty of time for the things you love!

Grab them and get started today.

7 effective spring cleaning checklist for 2020

All-Inclusive Spring Cleaning Checklist

Get smart ideas from this one-page checklist of FreebieFindingMom.com.

It includes detailed room-specific chores and what else needs to be dealt with to organize your spring cleaning activities.

You can access and download this beautiful checklist in an editable PDF format.

It also lets you tick off the tasks one you complete them!

Isn’t that such a winner?

Traditional Spring Cleaning Checklist

If you like to do it traditionally, then this list from CleanMama.com should be ideal.

It is clearly divided into regular deep cleaning activities, other conventional spring cleaning chores, and some bonus areas.

If you want your home to look spick and span, this should be your Go-To list.

This traditional spring cleaning checklist will remind you of the commonly forgotten areas and prompt you to deep clean them.

The fun part is that you don’t have to pay even a single penny!

How cool is that!

Easy Spring Cleaning Checklist

Don’t want to commit yourself to detailed cleaning and only touch upon the important ones?

Get the useful spring cleaning checklist from Taste of Home.

It will help you get some extra chores done without being super-detailed.

You just have to clean a few items as per the list. You can easily knock them off in a few hours.

It great for keeping track of pending repairs, purchases, and other information you need to remember while cleaning.

Sparkling Home Spring Cleaning Checklist

If you are a perfectionist looking for an in-depth spring cleaning checklist, the one from The Happier Homemaker will brighten you up.

This list has everything you need to get a spanking-clean house.

I love it’s cute columnar layout that easily fits into a single page!

 It’s perfect for the homemakers wanting to do extra chores along with regular deep cleaning.

You will get everything from dusting vent covers to cleaning drawers to taking care of essential outside duties.

Simple All Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

If you want separate checklists for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room, the printable checklists from Sheknows will fit your bill.

The nicely crafted list will brighten your mood by giving you the exact details of things you may need to update or replace.

The room-by-room checklist is thoughtfully designed with some beautiful artworks and large fonts.

I just adore it!

Love bigger prints and fonts?

Then you will fall in love with this lovely printable!

Download them today and move it girl!

Complete Spring Cleaning Checklist

If you like the checklist to be super-thorough, and explain every point in detail, get the one from ImperfectHomemaking.com.

It covers almost everything starting from regular cleaning to deep cleaning along with seasonal chores, which often slips of our mind.

The list is neatly divided into key sections, such as stairwells, foyer, laundry room, and outside your home.

It’s ideal for anyone who is up for the deep cleaning challenges in the entire house.

You will find a printable version linked with this list that can be accessed in Google Doc.

Super cool, eh!

Spring Cleaning Checklist from Martha Stewart

If you want to clear your basics on spring cleaning, download the free PDF from MarthaStewart.com.

This simple checklist has images and text-based instructions for some of the crucial tasks.

You won’t find any checkboxes to scribble in this document.

Colorful photos make it more desirable for online access than printing.

The information is invaluable, and all tasks are nicely structured for better understanding.

Molly Maid’ Room by Room Simple Checklist

Want to clean your home in a jiffy?

Pick up this free room by room checklist from Molly Maid. It is simple and lets you tick off one room at a time.

It’s perfect if you want to clean at your pace without any of the overwhelm. Let me tell you a little secret.

Use this checklist to hand out chores too! Divide rooms amongst your little ones or your partner. You will get a clean house and a happier you! Download the checklist now.

effective spring cleaning checklists

5 Point Spring Cleaning Printable from Just a Girl & Her Blog


If spring cleaning scares you, this is what you want! With Abby’s simple cleaning checklist, you only need to do 5 steps per room. That’s simple and completely doable, isn’t it?

Just print off this pretty printable and get down to work. Who knows? You may even knock off a couple of rooms in a single day! Grab it here.

Real Simple Spring-Cleaning Plan

Want to have a step-by-step printable?

Real Simple’s spring cleaning schedule is great if you want to keep a handle on your cleaning timelines.

When you start using this handy guide, you will not miss your weekly cleaning or monthly tasks. If you are a long term planner, this is right up your alley. Get it here.

Get your perfect spring cleaning checklist and get it all done, girls!

Which one did you like the best? Let me know in the comments section below.

Happy Spring Cleaning !!

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