How to Start a Blog on Instagram (Free Checklist!)

Written by: Yuvika Iyer

Published on: Apr 29, 2020

How to Start a Blog on Instagram (Free Checklist!)

how to start instagram blog
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Want to start an Instagram blog that makes money?

If you are looking to enter the online business in 2020, starting a blog on Instagram is a great idea!

Starting a blog on Instagram= starting your business.

In this blog post, I will be sharing with you how you can get your Instagram blog up and ready to go in less than 30 minutes.

Are you ready to get started?

Here we go.

Why Start a Blog on Instagram in 2020

Instagram is HUGE right now.

The number-crunching website-Statista shows that Instagram has more than 1000 million users across the world in 2020.

If you are planning to start a business, you certainly would not want to miss this vast audience.

Take a look at this stat:

how to start blog on instagram

Do you know that 500 million users look for inspiration every day on the Instagram app on their smartphone?

Wondering what’s in it for you and your business?

Surprisingly more than 60% of these monthly users discover new ideas and products on Instagram.

When you know this, you can make a solid attempt at making your online blog stand out.

Here’s one more stat to throw you off your chair!

More than 200 million Insta users discover a business profile every single day.

Instagram is not just a social sharing app anymore!

It’s a powerful platform where you can engage and connect with users and drive leads to your website, online store, or get more business for your products.

As a brand or business, you cannot ignore it anymore 😊

Now that you know that you need a presence on Instagram let’s see how you can start a blog on Instagram that mints money!

What do You Need to Create an Instagram Blog

To start a blog on Instagram, you need many elements.

A Clear Niche

What does your profile offer to a fellow Instagrammer?

What value, inspiration, ideas, or motivation do they get when they come to your profile?

Understand what value you offer to a visitor and make it the core of your business.

It becomes the niche of your Instagram profile.

The topic that you write about or make posts on should interest you.

It should tickle you excite you for the next ten days.

20 days.

One thousand days and even more.

Quit struggling to find the right content to share.

I can share that you will probably have some trial and error before you finally settle down on what you care that you can share!

For example, if your paying niche involves Instagram marketing (your service is Instagram management), then share content about marketing on Instagram.

An identifiable Service or Product to Sell

So, how do you find what you like to do?

Understand your core personality and skillsets.

If you have a finance background, you could start sharing tips on how to manage finances, budgeting, and becoming debt-free.

Use your experience and interests to find a topic or niche that interests you.

Or you may have a skill that you want to promote.

You may be an incredible baker – think yummy cupcakes, doughnuts, muffins, and more (drool!!)

Here, you can quickly get more leads for your custom birthday cake orders in the city that you live in if you use Instagram to your advantage.

Use what you already know to get started faster.

Have a WordPress blog already? Need more traffic to it?

Open a business Instagram account and connect it to the WordPress site to start getting more website visitors.

Fantastic Images

Instagram is a 100% visual platform.

You need to make your images look drool-worthy!

Check this out:

instagram image

Your good old iPhone or your dependable android is enough to take pretty pictures.

Just make sure you are using super cool and professional lightroom presets to elevate your images to another level.

Make every image you post so visually appealing that the visiting Instagrammer forgets to scroll down!!

Attractive Captions

Writing a catchy caption to your image is vital.

You don’t want the visitor to look at the picture and continue their scroll.

To get them to pause and read, use the 120-character count effectively.

Mention the top benefits of what you are selling and what value they can get out of it.

Any product uses, what comes in the package, or pricing information can also be shared.

The image catches the fancy of your audience, and the caption invites them to take some action.

Showcase Your Link or Product

A recent Facebook user survey about Instagram found that more than 87% of users took action once they saw a product or service on Instagram.

Impressive, isn’t it?

Build on that momentum by sharing your website link, landing page link, or your business contact detail in the bio.

Add a short and sweet call to action that gently nudges them to take action such as :

  • Double tap if you like it!
  • Swipe up
  • Click on the bio link

Adding links helps you to close the sale and make money.

Or you may sign up leads for your service-based business or product orders using a landing page.

You can also have the visitors shop inside the app!

Isn’t’ that easy and convenient!

Once you have a Facebook store setup, you can easily add the shop on Instagram option.

Build Connections with Consistent Content

You sure know this one!

Quality content and being consistent is key to growing Instagram followers.

When you have a large following, you have a bigger audience to sell your services and products.

Having consistent content that you share makes increasing the followers, likes quickly.

I use a fantastic Instagram scheduler tool – Tailwind, that lets me post 15 days of content at once.

I set up all my images, captions, and Instagram posts for a month in less than 30 minutes.


Just like that.

Now, I just log in once every day or 2 days to engage, comment and reply to the conversations with the community.

Try it out for 30 days for entirely free- no credit card!

Increase your service or product visibility

Hashtags are a must-have tool on Instagram.  

Using hashtags helps your posts and product images land up in searches by Instagram users.

If your post or story ends up in a top spot for a particular hashtag, Instagram gives it even more love by sharing it with users who are not your followers.

So, you get more and more people to see your post that drives more traffic to your profile.

Choosing the right hashtags can be time-consuming though ☹

Let me share a little secret!

Tailwind makes it easy 😊

Tailwind has a dedicated tool for it – Hashtag Finder!

tailwind hashtag finder

As you type your post into the tool, the Hashtag Finder gives you real-time recommendations for adding relevant hashtags into the post.

Go ahead and save hashtags in a list for later, potentially saving you hours of research and entering all that data.

It even labels the hashtags by niche, best, competitive, and good.

Get back to making connections on Instagram by saving all this time.

Key Takeaways

It’s time to start your online business by starting a blog on Instagram!

Perfect the art of selling online on Instagram using the simple 5-step strategy outlined above.

Throw in the super time-saving Tailwind for Instagram tool and see your revenues grow.

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