Why You Should Get an Air purifier with permanent filter

Written by: Yuvika Iyer

Published on: Nov 07, 2019

Why You Should Get an Air purifier with permanent filter

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Searching for the right air purifier with permanent filter? A filter is the most vital element of an air purifier that keeps the air germ-free. Know about the different types of filters to make a better choice.

What is Air purifier with permanent filter?

Is the water you drink everyday pure?

Absolutely. You will certainly say yes. Isn’t it?

Thanks to the water filter. If the main filter of the water purification device does not function properly, will your water be pure?

You surely want the air you breathe to be pure too.

Though outside air quality cannot be controlled, you can make the air in your home better. An air purifier can be your best friend to make that possible every single day.

A permanent filter is an integral part of an air purifier. If the filter does not exist, you will end up breathing impure air.

Majority of the air purifiers with permanent filter. In fact, many have not one but many filters arranged sequentially to filter air in stages. A fan draws impure air into the machine that goes through different filters. After passing through these stages, purified air is spread into the room.

Pre-Filter in An Air Purifier

Are you aware that the air in your home is full of big pollutants rather than many small ones? Many people are amazed that the air has a greater mass of the bigger pollution particles than the smaller ones.

By larger particles, I mean dust, pet dander, human hair and much more. When you use an air purifier, the pre-filter technology captures these particles. This filter is vital to make sure the air purifier functions well. Otherwise, the larger particles may get stuck in the HEPA filter and clog it up completely.

Though HEPA is the more efficient and costlier filter level, it cannot function to the best of its capacity if the Pre-Filter is not present. If you notice carefully, the HEPA filter has a number of folds that can get stuffed if the bigger particles are not removed.

If you have an active lifestyle, small children and pets around, you will need an air purifier with a pre-filter. Many people get surprised by the number of human skin cells and hair that is captured by the air purifier.

Human hair and pet dander can easily clog the pre-filter. Regularly changing and replacing the pre-filter is vital. Following the purifier manufacturer’s prescribed filter change schedule can be a good way to keep track.

Try to keep the surface area of the air purifier device also clean. Many purifier models are cleaned by vacuuming on the device surface. Doing this can be helpful to remove some bigger particles.

Whether it is your home, office, or dorm, keeping the air purifier switched on will only help you breathe pure air for a longer duration.

Simply changing the pre-filter does not mean that you can skip vacuuming your house and its contents. Though you cannot stop vacuuming, replacing the pre-filter regularly will help in lessening the presence of dust and other small polluting particles in your home.

Pro Tip: When you are vacuuming your house, keep your air purifier switched on to let it capture all the airborne dust and other particles. Setting it on its highest level will help in cleaning your home more effectively.

With pre-filter as the first line of defense, you need to do all you can to keep your home dust and air pollution free. Your pre-filter will make sure to capture and remove big particles such as large pollen, dust, pet dander, hair, and smoke. Additionally, it keeps the next line of filter safe from unnecessary clogging. It also extends the durability and life of the secondary filter.

Do not skip on getting a pre-filter for your air purifier even though they are an optional part of an air purifier. The benefits of getting them in the air purifier far outweigh its costs.

HEPA Filter

If you have been researching about air purifiers, then you must have come across the term HEPA. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter that helps to purify the air effectively by trapping the tiny pollutants.

They are very useful for capturing fine particles up to 0.3 microns in size. These fine particles can easily escape the pre-filter but cannot evade the HEPA filter specially designed for them.

They even come with an assurance of trapping more than 99.97% air pollutants in any given area.
Placement of the HEPA air purifier is also crucial to make sure that air is not able to escape from the HEPA filter.

Pro Tip: Pairing it up with another filter such as the Pre-filter makes the purifier even more productive.

Activated Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are present in an air purifier where they serve as eliminators of gaseous substances from the air. Carbon is treated to make it more porous over a larger surface area.

It is then used to fight the impurities in the air such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and unpleasant odors. Mixing it with other chemicals makes it more effective at removing all the contaminants in the air.

Pro Tip: Presence of an activated carbon filter in the air purifier is highly beneficial for people with breathing disorders. It fights airborne chemicals and cleans up the air to make it safe for breathing in.

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