Do You Really need Ionizer Air Filter?

Written by: Yuvika Iyer

Published on: Nov 07, 2019

Do You Really need Ionizer Air Filter?

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Are you making a choice about an air purifier or an ionizer air filter?  Though they sound quite similar, they have hugely different capabilities. Check it out here.

What are Ionizer Air Filters?

Air pollution has the potential to cause irreparable damage to all of us. We take it too lightly in our daily lives because we are so preoccupied with work and studies, but the truth is that inhaling contaminated air can have lifelong repercussions on our respiratory systems.

Our homes are our safe harbors. We should always feel protected when we are indoors, which is why you should take steps to ensure that at least the air inside your house is clean.

If you have been in the hunt for a good air purifier, then there is a chance that you are baffled by the wide variety of options available. Air Ionizers have recently emerged as an effective method of purging impurities from the air.

Ionizer air filters are handy for controlling and preventing respiratory diseases. They will not burn a hole in your pocket either. You should be able to find an air ionizer that fits your budget and is effective.

How do Air Ionizers Work?

Traditional air purifiers use physical filters to capture and trap the airborne contaminants so that they are unable to escape.

Air ionizers, on the other hand, use ionic properties to render the impurities powerless. They charge the air molecules electrically so that an electromagnetic field is formed.

By definition, an ion is any charged particle.

Air ionizers use electric power to create negative ions which are attracted to the positively charged particulates like dust, viruses, bacteria, odor, and pollen in the air. The positive ions and negative ions are automatically drawn to each other and form a neutral bond.

As the result, the particles become lighter than their original weights. They are no longer able to remain floating in the air which means that you will not have to breathe them in as long as the air ionizer is switched on.

The process of ionic bond formation is followed by the dense dirt particles falling onto the ground or any other nearby surface. You will be able to clean them out later when you are doing chores. The particulates usually fall inside the electromagnetic field created during the process, but you will still not be able to control where they collect.

Why Choose Ionizer Air Filtration Technology

The reason why so many people have begun switching to air ionizers is their affordability. Not only do they cost lesser than HEPA filters, but they also have lower maintenance costs over the years since there is no filter to be replaced.

One disadvantage of air ionizers is that your room not be wholly rid of the contaminants until you take out the broom.

Sometimes, the dust on the ground can be kicked back into the air when people are walking more substantial. This means that the air ionizer will have to repeat the entire process. Some air ionizers come with collection plates which might make the work easier for you.

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