17 Powerful Ways to Flush Out Toxins In Body

Written by: Yuvika Iyer

Published on: Nov 22, 2019

17 Powerful Ways to Flush Out Toxins In Body

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How to Flush Out Toxins in Body

Are you experiencing low energy levels, irritability, and headaches for no reason? Do you wonder why you are unable to sleep even after a hectic day of work?

I was in the exact same situation some months back. Depressed, sad and not knowing what was happening. I ended up bingeing on tons of processed food to isolate myself from it.

Finally, I did go to see a doctor who ended up prescribing a whole bunch of drugs for me to get back in shape. The final diagnosis – lifestyle stress, environmental contaminants, and unhealthy eating habits.

One day I finally pulled myself together.  I had to do something to get my health back on track. I chose all the simple and natural ways to get back on my feet. The first thing on my agenda was a simple and powerful technique of detoxification. Flushing out all toxins was essential to cleaning the body from inside out.

I make a resolve to focus on my health above everything else. Study, work, fun time everything can happen only when you are in the pink of your health.

I don’t want you to be in the same situation. I want to help you to get better by sharing my knowledge and journey. You can do this! Reclaim your life and quit making food your drug in the quest to get better.

Let me share simple step by step detoxification processes that will lead the way. In this journey, you only need yourself and your will to get things done. No drugs or expensive therapies are required. You can do this, my friend!

How are Toxins in Body Generated

Let me start with sharing what are toxins in the body and where they come from.

Toxins are a combination of environmental contaminants and synthetic chemicals. We come into contact with them by using many products such as:

  • Personal care products
  • Household cleaning products
  • Makeup, perfumes
  • Contaminants in the air
  • Allergens in the air

Our kidneys and liver clean up the toxins in the body by way of urine, feces, and sweat.

Well, you may even wonder why do we need to detox, when our body is doing it for us?

Actually, today’s time and age is very different from before. Today, we are exposed to high levels of industrial pollution and harmful chemicals. All this did not exist hundreds of years ago. The levels of air pollution in cities and towns is at alarming levels.

They enter the body and become a burden on it. It prevents the organs from doing their job. Toxins damage the liver and kidneys, impacting their ability to clean out toxins.

In this situation, some toxins don’t get flushed out but start accumulating in the body. They create free radicals in the body that can cause huge damage to cells.

If the natural body detoxification system fails to work, higher toxin accumulation happens. The toxin overload then manifests itself with different kinds of illnesses.

Any illness weakens the body and its natural defense mechanism even further. It is best that you learn how to stay healthy that such toxic overload does not happen.

Before we delve deeper into how to detox, let’s understand the different kinds of toxins. Knowing this is vital so we use lesser chemicals in our daily lives.

What are the Different Kinds of Toxins?

Many chemicals contribute to overloading the body with toxins. I am sharing some of the prominent culprits:

  • Exposure to harmful metals such as petrochemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, lead, and mercury
  • Environmental contaminants such as molds, allergens, toxins, food allergens
  • Poor or irregular eating habits, excess of processed foods
  • Emotional and mental toxins – isolation, anger, hostility, jealousy, stress
  • Medication and drugs can turn toxic
  • Hormonal and metabolic toxins present in the body such as fungus, bacteria or yeast

Whew, that a lot, isn’t it?

You may think that with such a huge toxic load, everyone should be sick. Not really.

Each person is unique. Each person has a different gene structure, immunity, environment exposure, and body composition. So, while it may be easy for some people to get rid of toxins from the body, others may not do it well.

Now, let’s see what happens to us if the toxic overload situation is not tackled.

Warning Signs of Toxins in Your Body

Did you know that the food allergies rose by more than 50% in the 15 year period from 1997 to 2011?

The American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) reported that allergies are increasing rapidly. In 2012, more than 11% of the world’s children got with respiratory infections.

Increasing exposure to synthetic chemicals and other environmental contaminants is reducing people’s immunity. Their natural defense mechanism is not operating at optimal levels. All this is giving rise to chronic diseases and extreme sensitivities.

The first step is to understand the warning signals the body starts giving. It lets us know that all is not well. Check out if you are experiencing any symptom as outlined below.

Muscle pain

Do you have muscle pain in your legs or arms that you can’t explain? Do you wonder why is it happening even though you may not have strained or exerted yourself?

It may be a sign of consistent exposure to polluted air and chemical laden foods. It may be possible that you are susceptible to catching allergens and cold quite easily. In such a situation, your immune system weakens.

Stress can reduce the defense mechanism of the body. It can result in reduced blood flow and cause a lack of oxygen. Once this happens, muscle spasms and physical pain can occur.

Bad Breath

Do you feel that there is a persistent bad breath in your mouth that fails to go away? You may have tried regular tooth brushing or flossing to make it better, but failed. Try using mouthwashes or some mints.

If you still have the same results, it could be a sign of something else wrong with the body. It could even result from toxic overload in your stomach or liver. Until you deal with the root cause, you may not find respite from bad breath.


Too much of pizza with Netflix can be bad! Well, consuming oily, sugary foods increases toxin accumulation in large intestines. But did you know that too much of processed foods can also clog your colon? If that happens, the colon does not function and allows toxins to accumulate in the body.

You may feel bloated and constipated. Some people also feel nauseated with occasional headaches.

Unexplained weight gain

Do you feel a lack of change even after a controlled diet and regular exercise program?

It is possible that you are facing a toxic overload. Many toxins accumulate in the body and prevent weight loss. They also cause hormonal imbalances in the testes, thyroid, ovaries, and pancreas.

Did you know that the thyroid gland secretes fat-burning hormones? So, toxins can interfere with your body’s ability to lose weight naturally.

Skin Problems

British Medical Bulletin reported that environmental toxins can cause contact dermatitis. The skin also deals with its share of toxins.

The skin consists of pores which allows your body to flush out toxins and excess water as sweat.

When the liver gets overloaded, you may notice rashes and pimples on your skin too. They are caused by overuse of chemical-laden make-up products and other cosmetics.


Can a simple headache signify that you have a toxic overload? Yes, it can.

In 2009, Clinical Science researchers reported that environmental chemicals can cause headaches.

The nervous system gets affected when toxins enter the body from air and food sources. Toxins can be heavy metals, preservatives or aspartame.


Presence of toxins in the liver can impact the secretion of histamine in the brain. Histamine regulates the sleep cycle. Any disruptions in histamine can lead to insomnia.

Many times contaminants present in the atmosphere get into the blood. They interfere with the brain’s working and lead to insomnia.


Feeling tired after resting can be a sign of toxins in the body. When toxins are present in the digestive tract, the normal digestion process fails.

The body is not able to receive enough nutrients from the food. The organs work harder to function and stress hormones are released. These factors make you feel lazy, fatigued and low on energy.

Mood Swings

Research studies by Annals of Epidemiology have shown that aspartame leads to depression. It is most commonly found in drinks as an artificial sweetener.

Do you know that crisps or pop that you had for lunch can affect your moods?

Xenoestrogen is a toxin found in food additives. It tries to mimic the estrogen. In doing so, it spoils the body’s hormonal balance causing mood swings.

Sweating and High body temperature

Sweating acts as an outlet for toxin removal from the body. When it happens, it indicates an overactive liver.

When toxins enter the body, the digestive system goes for a toss. The liver becomes hyperactive, causing you to sweat even more.

Body odor

A foul body odor or gas and stools indicates the toxic load on the liver. It is a signal that toxins and waste products are not exiting the body as they should.

Discoloration of tongue

The color of the tongue is a direct sign of the digestive health of the body. If your tongue turns yellow, it indicates a high toxic load on the liver and gallbladder. It may also suggest jaundice.

Sensitivity to scents

Are you sensitive to scents? You may feel nausea or a headache every time you smell a scent. You may even have stomach cramps if you are very sensitive to fragrances.

17 Simple Steps to Kick start Detoxification

Now that we know so much about toxins and where they come from, it’s time to take action. I am going to show you simple detox tips that are quick and easy to do. Do you want your best health and be able to maintain it? Let’s get started on the detox journey.

I discovered that ancient medicine systems knew the importance of regular cleansing practices. Today, with an abundance of chemicals, and drugs, higher levels of inactivity is present.

If our ancient science and traditional medicine advocated detoxification, they saw the benefits. With the changing world, we need to adopt lifestyle practices that our ancestors lived by.

Once I understood this simple but life-changing principle, I went to put it to work. And guess what?

I found that small diet and lifestyle changes can make a phenomenal difference.

I like to keep it simple.  So, I am sharing with you the choices you can make for better health. The 15-step plan with easy steps that you can start today!

Detoxification is a natural process that your body performs every single day. To keep the detox system working at an optimal level, you need to make it a habit.

Detoxification should be a part of your lifestyle and not a one-time activity.

Hydrate Well

The easiest thing to do, but we rarely pay attention to it. Water is one element that is essential to flushing out toxins from the body. So, make sure you have at least 8-10 glasses of pure, filtered water each day.

Coconut water, sparkling water, and infused waters count as well. But only if they don’t contain added sugars or additives.

Go Organic

Organic is a food product grown without any fertilizers or pesticides. Though it’s expensive, the benefits more than makeup for it.

When you have a choice, pick organically grown produce. Make sure the product has an organic tag or label. Your body will thank you for making this healthy choice!

Soak it Up

We are all guilty of this. How many times did you eat strawberries from their packaging, without washing them?

Well, yes the produce comes in a box. But good packaging doesn’t mean its contents are clean. Spend five minutes soaking your fruits and veggies in an apple cider vinegar bath.

It is an easy and quick way to cleanse your veggies and fruits of all surface contaminants. Fill your sink with water and add 2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar in it. Now soak your veggies and fruits for about ten minutes and rinse them off.

Do it once and see the dirty residue filled water that’s left over. It will help you to make it a regular practice. Do remember to scrub and rinse the produce when you are rinsing it.

Eat Fresh

Eat fresh food. This is a quick way of getting rid of chemicals in your food.

Quit the plastic packaging and pick up produce when it’s fresh. Plastic is guilty of having a whole lot of chemicals and BPAs (bisphenol A).

It is synthetic chemicals used in different kinds of food packaging. BPA can be harmful to your health.

You can avoid BPA in water too. Prefer glass bottles or BPA free plastic bottles for storing or carrying it around.

Pick Local Fish

If you like to have fish, pick the local and coastal variety. Skip the canned tuna or deep sea fish that has added preservatives and salt. Tuna is also high in mercury that is harmful to your body. If you want to have it, keep a limit of once a fortnight.

Go Traditional

Did you know that nonstick cookware has a chemical coating that covers the food? Each time you use it, a small non-stick coating wears off and attaches itself to your food. The same is true for aluminum. I recently discovered this and switched to using good quality stainless steel cookware. I also prefer cast iron skillet for all the pasta and stir-fried dishes.

Skip Fast foods

Okay, you probably know this one quite well. Anything that comes out of a box or packet should be eaten sparingly.

Conventional restaurant foods such as KFC or McDonald’s should not be on your meal plan for the week. They have trans-fats, high salt and sugar content that your body doesn’t need at all.

When you go out, try picking healthier options like salads, smoothies, whole wheat options.

Eco-friendly cleaners

We all use cleaning products in our homes, without knowing their ingredients. Many cleaning products have dirty chemicals that you can do without. If you have pets or little children at home, rethink on their use. Those dirty chemicals can be allergic to your loved ones or may even cause infections.

Buy natural cleaning products in bulk. You can even make them yourself on the weekends or whenever you have a bit of time. Make them ahead of time and store them in BPA free plastic spray bottles.

Ditch Chemicals

Did you know that your face wash or shampoo can have up to 12 chemicals each? Personal care products use many petrochemicals that can be harmful to you. They are also used every day.

Make a habit of reading labels when you pick products. Prefer the ones with the lowest number of chemicals.

Pick natural products that don’t have parabens, sulfates, fragrances, and phthalates. Spare your body the agony of the chemical overload.

Increase Movement

Being active is different from exercising. Try to do both every day. Walking to the supermarket or taking the stairs at work are examples of being active. Exercising is when you keep aside time to walk, run, jog or workout in the gym.

Pursuing any other intense activity or sports also counts as exercise. Make sure the exercise lasts at least 30 minutes a day. It is a great factor in flushing out toxins from the body. Another positive result is your enhanced metabolic rate that keeps your body healthy.

Heal Your Gut

Eat your way to a healthy gut. Pick up at least one digestion-friendly food. Choose from fruit-flavored yogurt, kefir, miso soup, tempeh, kim chi or kombucha tea.

You can also pick fiber infused foods. .Oats, apples, whole grain breakfast cereals, broccoli, sweetcorn, beans, pulses, nuts, and seeds.

Brush it Off

Toxins also accumulate in our tongue. Each time you eat, a whole lot of food sticks to your tongue.

When you wash your mouth, these food specks and remains won’t go away. Try softly brushing or scraping your tongue to scrub these food remains away.

Boost Breathing

Everyone breathes, but how many of us know the right way to breathe? lungs are one of the most important tools in eliminating toxins from the body. When you learn to breathe well, the process of flushing out toxins happens every day.

Detoxifying Foods

Include onions, garlic, and cruciferous vegetables in your diet. So, you can have collards, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli.  These food items have good sulfur content that helps the body to perform detoxification naturally.

Say bye to White Foods

White foods include white bread and sugar. Croissants, buns, cake, waffles and everything made from white flour is empty calories. It doesn’t help you be healthy and just adds to the weight.

Try to make healthier choices by picking whole wheat or whole grains.

Keep cakes for occasions where you can have them without guilt!

Clean Up

Empty your bowel once a day. It is vital to give your body an exit route for all the toxins. Make sure that you do your daily ablutions at the same time each day.

Any bowel irregularities should be taken seriously. Report it to your doctor if you feel anything is amiss.


Relaxing your mind is also detoxification. Relieving your mind from all the stress is vital. To detoxify completely, both the body and mind should be completely at ease.

Mind is one of the most neglected parts of our body. Practicing meditation can be a great boost to help relieve stress.

I have listed 17 steps here that you can take to help your body to detoxify. Pick the ones you find easy to do. Or maybe the one that catches your fancy!

You will notice that your body pays attention and will start getting back on track. Doing these simple yet powerful acts will bring about positive changes soon.

Our Take:

When you find yourself sluggish and full of toxins, don’t despair. You can adopt these quick but effective lifestyle changes to get yourself back on track. Drinking more water, having more veggies and junking salt and sugar can go a long way in keeping you healthy.

Get ahead on the path to flush out toxins from the body. Let yourself evolve to a better and healthier self. Getting started is key.

Avoid processed foods and try to exercise daily to stay active.

Say “YES” to a healthier and toxin-free you!!

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