5 Super Easy Yeastless Bread Recipes (Use what you have!)

Written by: Yuvika Iyer

Published on: Apr 18, 2020

5 Super Easy Yeastless Bread Recipes (Use what you have!)

yeastless bread recipes
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Not able to go out to get bread?  Or maybe the supermarket shelves don’t have them in stock.

You’d be amazed to know that you can whip up a delicious loaf of no yeast bread in less than 30 minutes with what you have!

Recently when my regular grocery store ran out of bread, I baked bread at home without any yeast!

In this blog, I share the 5 best yeastless bread recipes that you can make when you are staying at home.

How to Make Quick Yeastless Bread Recipes

Recipe 1 – Fast Soda Bread Recipe

I have to say that this is one of the easiest and most delicious bread recipes I came across that don’t need yeast to prepare.

You can whip up this delicious-sounding soda bread recipe with just 5 staple pantry ingredients.

Oh yeah, did I mention that it’s egg-free as well!

Get ready to spend just 10 minutes to prep and 35 minutes to bake it up.

Do note that since this recipe doesn’t have yeast, the bread will not rise and will not be so fluffy like regular store-bought bread.

You will find it quite moist but filling to have.

I recommend toasting the bread before you top it up and relish it!

Time Taken to Prepare – 40 minutes (10 mins to prep+ 35 mins to bake)

What do you need – flour, salt, buttermilk, butter, and baking soda

Freezer Life – 2 weeks if wrapped well in plastic wrap

Get the complete recipe here.

Recipe 2 – Egg-Free Homemade Bread no Yeast

Do you want to bake a super yummy bread recipe without yeast, eggs, baking soda, or buttermilk?

If you have baking powder and plain milk, you are good to try this super-simple recipe.

If you are in a rush, choose this recipe as you need minimum time between prepping this recipe and placing it in the oven.

Since it has baking powder, you shouldn’t let it rise before the actual baking is done.

Make sure that you knead the bread a maximum of 10 times otherwise it will not come out properly.

Time Taken to Prepare – 40 minutes (5 mins to prep+ 35 mins to bake)

What do you need – flour, salt, milk, baking powder

Freezer Life – 7-8 weeks if wrapped well in plastic wrap

Check out the recipe here.

Recipe 3 – Sweet Homemade Bread no yeast

Want a delicious bread that can be whipped up fast for breakfast?

I am sure that the kids will love its sweet taste and fantastic aroma while it’s baking!

It can be a yummy dessert too!

Entertain yourself and the kids at home by trying out this fabulous and super quick sweet bread no yeast recipe today.

Time Taken to Prepare – 45 minutes (5 mins to prep+ 40 mins to bake)

What do you need – all-purpose flour, sugar, eggs, vegetable oil, salt, milk, baking powder,

Freezer Life – 5-6 weeks if wrapped well in plastic wrap (1 week if refrigerated only)

Check out the recipe here.

Recipe 4 – Irish Bread no Yeast Recipe

I am a super fan of Nagi’s recipes! Her recipes are easy to make and delicious to devour!

Irish bread recipe is perfect for those days when you don’t have the energy to do elaborate cooking.

Just whip up a quick tomato soup or macaroni and cheese with Irish bread on the side for a comforting dinner!

You just need 4 basic ingredients and 5 minutes to prepare this yummy yeastless bread recipes!

Let’s get to baking then!

Time Taken to Prepare – 45 minutes (5 mins to prep+ 40 mins to bake)

What do you need – all-purpose flour (mix whole wheat with all-purpose for a thicker crumb) salt, buttermilk, baking soda

Freezer Life – 8 weeks if wrapped well in plastic wrap (4-5 days if refrigerated only)

Check out the Irish bread recipe here.

Recipe 5 – Amish Sweet Bread Recipe with Yeast

I just love this recipe, so I thought of including it on this list even though it has yeast!

(make it on a day when you have yeast available!)

If you want to make a traditional Amish white bread and have time to spare, try this amazing recipe that has been made by over 9K people!

Why not make a big batch and freeze the rest for the week?

Time Taken to Prepare – 2hours 30minutes (20 mins to prep+ 40 mins to bake)

What do you need – bread flour, water, sugar, yeast, salt, vegetable oil

Freezer Life – 4 weeks if wrapped well in plastic wrap (1 week if refrigerated only)

Check out the full Amish sweet bread recipe here.

Did you enjoy making the delicious yeastless bread recipes? Do write in the comments section below, which one you tried and liked most.

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